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Anthony Vapes: Best of 2018

Hi All, I’m often asked to do my “favorites” so here is my favorite stuff of 2018. Yes this is my opinion of stuff. I’ve done around 200 reviews in 2018 so i’ve had a pretty good sample size, with that said obviously i haven’t tried everything and if i haven’t owned it at one point, it won’t make my list. Some categories will have more options then others due to it being really competitive. It’s a follow up to my best of 2017 here i made last year and my bets of 2018 so far i made about 6 months ago here It’s hard to stay up to date with all the crazy products coming out for sure so hopefully people find this helpful
Please note some of these products may still be review in progress, some have already been reviewed and some may even be a beta and are subject to change and I will go back and update if needed. I’ll try and note those products down. I always recommend checking reviews as well for products to get more detail and info and make sure it’s a good fit for you personally. Also feel free to ask any questions as well and i’ll do my best to answer them. Not everything on this list will be better then 2017 counterparts as well and i’ll try and notate that. Remember nobody can have tried everything, If i don’t have one it can’t make the list. Doesn't make it bad, just means i can’t judge it. now without further ado let's jump into the best of 2018 so far


Dual 21700

1) Vboy 222w
The only dual 21700 with good temp control outside of custom stuff or really pricey DNA 3d printed boxes. Good TC, good power mode, nice color screen make it the best to me.
2) Geekvape Blade
Only lacking in the TC department this mod is a solid power mode driver even complete with a watt curve mode and boost circuit. Super lightweight as well and the comfortable “battlestar shape” it’s a really nice mod and if you don’t care about TC a better choice then the vboy IMO
3) Woody Vapes X217
The TC suffers the same issues as all the other gene chip mods and it is a bit underpowered so it lands the 3 spot because it is well built, has a nice screen and can handle a 30mm atomizer without overhang. Really nice design overall just wish the chip was a little better but many will love the design and the extra battery life

Dual 20700 Mods

Not a ton of these made really. Mostly from ijoy. Nothing super impressive and nothing with good TC but here are the current top options
1) Ijoy Avenger 270
Solid power mode driver with LEDs a nice design lots of color options handles 30mm atomizers and has voice controls that are more of a novelty than actually useful
2) Ijoy Diamond PD270
A bit big and bulky and heavy but a solid power mode mod that gets the job done and handles 30mm atomizers
Personally i’d opt for the 21700 ones over these. They are better mods and you can use 20700 batteries in them as well if you please. I’d personally opt to not get these over the 21700 counterparts but if you are dead set on a dual 20700 these were the top ones i’ve come across

Dual 18650 mods

A staple in vaping that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Lots of good one’s hit the market this year meaning there isn’t much of a reason to trek back into 2017 mods unless you really want one specifically. These won’t be listed in any particular order so dealers choice
  • Lost Vape Paranormal 250c - a beautiful mod that looks classy and packs the performance of the DNA250c chip for TC. with the new “C” chips evolv fixed some quirks with the older chips and made them easy to use. The new replay mode makes TC really easy to learn and the TC performance is excellent.
  • Innokin Proton - excellent mod and one of the smallest dual 18650s on the market. Huge color screen, joystick adjustment with easy and intuitive menu. Every mode you can want as well and does good TC in TCR mode with SS wire. Comes in a kit with the scion 2 which is decent with the plexus coils and has an optional RBA deck. Please note some people have had issues with the joystick
  • Modefined Lyra - another great mod from modefined. A spin off company of lost vape who makes mostly DNA mods, modefined uses their own chips. The lyra has some cool color options like an ultem body and performs great in power and TC mode (100 watt limit in TC) with a nice color screen and one of the smaller sizes it’s closer to a low budget g class then the cylon but doesn't take a 30mm atomizer without overhang. Maxes out at 28mm. Lacks some fancier modes though but is often found really cheap and possibly the smallest one on the list.
  • Smoant Cylon - one of the few mods that can handle a 30mm atomizer without overhang. Nice color screen good performance with power and TC modes. There was a bad batch with the screen dying within a month apparently but seems pretty isolated and resolved at this point. The leather is nice and it just works and looks good. If you want a mod for 30mm atomizers this is the one currently that’s newer and affordable
  • Smoant Naboo - Latest mod from Smoant, and seems like a newer version of the charon mini which is also a great option. Good TC, good power mode basically what you expect from smoant. Smaller size then the cylon and no leather or anything but a nice mod with a large bright screen and every mode you can need
  • Vaporesso Luxe - Very similar to the Smoant Naboo and their latest mod. Really nice form factor, haptic feedback, good TC, good power mode and a boost circuit which they are one of a few companies that do that (innokin and geekvape being the other 2). Their polar is also a good option as well if you don’t want touch buttons
  • geekvape aegis legend - i’m adding this simple for it’s durability. It’s a great power mode driver but lacks in TC performance. There have been some issues with battery drain as well. They put out an updated firmware to fix it that helped but apparently some people are plagued by it so be aware. Some have worked fine though so just be aware of that if you decide to grab this. It’s mostly best for being a beater mod since it’s pretty rugged
  • Geekvape Nova - if you like resin mods this is the one to get. It’s got some nice resin panels it’s more lightweight and smaller then their aegis legend and the TC worked out of the box as well. Great mod for power or TC users and fully featured. Includes power curve mode and boost circuit. It’s also now available in a kit with with the alpha tank which is one of the best tanks as well so overall this is the best option if you want to buy a kit and not a mod separate as most kit tanks are lacking.
  • Rinco Manto - first mod by new company rincoe and they really nailed it. It’s also very similar to the naboo and luxe mods as well just lacks the boost circuit like the naboo when compared to the luxe but overall a great mod and great first effort from a new company
  • Hcigar Wild Wolf - this is on the list because it’s the smallest affordable mod that can take a 30mm atomizer without overhang. It’s similar in size and style to the sx mini g-class and a great performer for power and temp mode. While it lacks some features the other mods on this list have if you wanted a small good mod for 30mm atomizers it’s a great choice.

Single 18650 Battery Mods

Things are going smaller and smaller these days and there hasn’t been a ton of these mods that released and were actually good sadly but thankfully enough to give some options. Of course most mods with a DNA chip are a solid option, I didn’t get any single battery DNA mods for review personally this year so at least from what i’ve gotten and in no particular order.
  • Vaptio Wall Crawler - a small single 18650 pico styled mod with good power and temp mode you need to set the internal resistance to make TC work though which shouldn’t have been that way but it is what it is. Nice large color screen and small size make it a great choice though
  • Uwell Nunchaku - poor TC but great power mode mod. Single 18650 in the rare “stick” body.
  • battlestar mini - nice little mod. Not as small as some others on this list though. Single 18650 and good TC and power mode but they never fixed the spelling errors on the early versions which annoys me and didn’t really seem to support or market it much for some reason
  • joyetech Ultex T80 - similar in performance to the nunchaku stick just a different design

Single 2x700 Battery Mods

Vaping is trending a little towards these bigger batteries and the options out there provide a nice middle ground where they are smaller then dual 18650 mods and not much bigger than many single 18650 mods but provide better battery life. Also as an overall basis they are better choices then their single 18650 counterparts as well so personally i’d opt for these over the single 18650 ones
  • Vaporesso Armour Pro- My personal favorite single battery mod, the armour pro is a great performer in power mode and TC mode. It also has every feature you could ever want and is the smallest 2x700 mod plus nice fire bar and color screen makes this a killer mod
  • aspire puxos - Good performer in power and TC mode. Very lightweight. A little bigger then the armour pro and the screen isn’t as nice but it does have swappable panels to customize as well
  • Desire Mad Mod - A simple tall rectangle box made of solid metal. Very durable and simple design and good performer for power and TC modes. Very nice mod that didn’t get much hype

Internal Battery Mods

Lots of good options here thanks to some coming out late in the year
  • Vaporesso Revenger Mini - tiny version of the revenger series of mods with an internal battery and the performance you’d expect from vaporesso
  • Voopoo Mojo - Outside of being able to easily tip over, nothing wrong with this mod. Good enough performer for TC all things considered and good for power mode and being a small internal battery mod the watt limits that plague their dual 18650 mods in TC mode aren’t really an issue.
  • Mask King T-more - one of the shortest mods on this list it is also one with the 2nd most battery life and 2nd highest watt limit. Poor TC but solid power mode mod with a basic simple design which is rare these days
  • Geekvape Aegis Mini - one of the smallest of the bunch and very lightweight it makes a really nice option as a durable everyday mod for low power needs. The battery life is a little overstated but still should be good for lower watt needs. A great mod to pair with a MTL atomizer for sure. Even the TC is pretty good on it.
  • Voopoo Drag Mini - one of the larger options as it’s pretty much dual 18650 mod size, this mod gives good battery life and nice power mode performance and good features. TC is just passable all things considered and should be usable for the type of builds you put on an internal battery mod, but if you're looking for battery life from an internal battery mod it’s a solid option and still not very big, but not really “mini” either.
  • Eleaf Istick Nowos - this is a simple power mode only mod with a large battery and a unique display. Really good simple easy to use device with a large battery capacity.

Triple and Quad Battery Mods

I won’t do any triple or quad battery mods, not enough released in 2018 really. Only good one i personally got to try is the Steam Crave Titan PWM mod which is a basic VV mod. But if you were in the market to buy one, that’s the one to get and it also handles 41mm atomizers without overhang. Outside of that only good options is to find a triple battery DNA250c mod which you can never go wrong with really.

VV Mods

Not many to choose from as this kind of died down but here are a few still available
  • benecig Killer - mislabeled as a mech mod but the only one in 2018 i still see available i got to try that was good
  • steam crave Titan PWM - labeled as a PWM but it’s not, it’s a simple VV mod with a screen that takes 4 batteries and not portable
  • Dovpo M VV - came out in 2016 IIRC but excellent and still available dirt cheap around 30 bucks online and built like a tank. A great choice still if you want a VV mod.

Best Squonk Mods - non adjustable

This one goes in 3 tiers and depends on your price range. I’ll list them cheapest to most expensive
  • Wismec LuxoticBF - Cheap and affordable. The bottle system could be better but it gets the job done and performs as it should at a low price. Don’t bother with the RDA in the kit, just get the mod only
  • Aspire Feedlink - very nice build quality and performs as it should. Looks great, nice bottle and not to pricey. Comes with a tank as well so makes it a great option for people who want to try squonking but don’t build.
  • asmodus pumper 18 - expensive but good price for a stab wood mod around the 100-120 USD range. Beautiful and performs as it should and a cool pumping mechanism that works great

Best squonk mods - adjustable

Again not listed in any order.
  • Lost Vape Therion BF 75C - came out late 2017 but still the only option i’ve come across with good TC. it’s spendy and not perfect but if you want a good squonk mod for TC this is it or you can grab an older VT inbox V3 with the non C chip as well cheaper
  • Pulse 80w/pulse X - after all the drama, VV still produced a good mod if you don’t care about TC that is affordable. Takes a 20700 or 18650 battery. Would have been nice to take a 21700. They did release the Pulse X and while I didn’t have one should be pretty much the same mod if you wanted a 2x700 version
  • Hcigar Aurora - an affordable 2x700 squonk mod that performs on par with the pulse 80w. It’s a solid metal box with a cool battery adapter design though if you wanted something more substantial feeling then a 3d printed mod.
  • Geekvape Gbox S200 - poor TC performer but great power mode mod and takes dual 18650 for big builds and battery life. Bottle system should be better. I heard you can buy better bottles now off FT for it though
  • Desire Rage Squonk - Only dual battery one to be released in the past 6 months that i got to try and that was good. A little spendy and TC isn’t good but if you need a dual battery squonker for power mode it’s a well built mod and the best of a really short bunch
  • Desire Cut Squonk - Good in power mode. TC not so good. Takes 21700, 20700 or 18650 batteries. Single battery mod with a cool design , nice bottle, and plenty of colors.
  • Dovpo Topside - I couldn’t try TC because mine wouldn’t update (heard quite a few people who had that issue) but a solid performer in power mode. There were also issues with the sealing in some causing juice to leak behind the screen. Sounds like bad QC but i got a good power mode one personally and the fill method is really nice. It’s large and heavy so not for everyone but takes a single 2x700 battery so if your willing to press your luck it’s a nice power mode squonker.
  • Revenant Delta - a nice looking single 2x700 power mode only squonk mod. I wish it had more features but it does work great, is easy to fill and the pump system works excellent as well and it’s quite a looker
Not going to list the battlestar squonk as i consider it a 2019 and haven’t done my review but so far it’s pretty good and review will be next month. There is also the pulse dual where i didn’t get to review it but did review the single battery counterpart so it’s likely at least decent for power mode. There is also the topside dual which a sample just arrived last week so can’t comment too much on it yet.

Best Pods

In no particular order here are the best pod systems i’ve come across. None have been perfect by any means but after having about 30 or so really bad ones this year, these are the ones that stand out most to me. The first 2 are the best for flavor
  • Renova Zero - a small draw to fire pod system with adjustable output this system is nice and durable and the pods have been great. No duds for me still and great flavor.
  • aspire breeze 2 - Doesn't have auto draw but if you can look past that it’s a smallish portable device that can be used for low MG freebase nic with the .6 ohm coil and restricted DTL, or lower the air with the 1 ohm coil for high mg nic salts. Personally while i’ve had good luck with the coils i’ve seen many complaints with the coil QC online. Mind you it could be just due to the popularity and more sold will mean more posts with issues on any device, but it’s worth a mention.
  • Smoking Vaper Mi-Pod - US company that has shown to have good service. They had some early run issues but redesigned it and extended the warranty for the older models. I got one of the newer ones and while the flavor isn’t as good as the top 2, it’s still good for a pod and has a large battery in a small size and haven’t had any bad pods yet either. A great little autodraw pod system
  • Innokin EQ - essentially innokins version of the breeze 2. This device has a nice rubber texture and adjustable output and similar in flavor to the mi-pod
  • aspire spryte - similar to the breeze 2 it has a pod but the coile themselves are replaceable. Different shape more pen style but also features adjustable air but uses different coils then the breeze 2 and i’ve heard fewer complaints.
  • Eleaf Elven - this late entry is borderline 2019 but I just finished my review last week and it’s really good if you wanted a stick JUUl styled pod that’s light and simple and just works it’s a great option
  • Smok Nord - a very nicely built pod with great looking paint. 3ml capacity and fire button. Review is coming next week. So far i’ve used the .6 ohm coil and it was really good and now using the higher ohm coil and it’s pretty dam good as well. Review coming next week on this. Really large battery too but also due to that a bit physically bigger than most.

MTL AIO and Starter Kits

  • Innokin Kroma-a Kit - a nice kit with the best MTL tank on the market (zenith tank) and a good internal battery mod. The kit came out in late 2017 techncially, but they did release a new plexus coil for it in 2018 and is a great choice for a full set up MTL starter kit
  • Innokin Endura T18 II - the newer version of the popular T18 this slim pen style MTL AIO Kit is a good option for a simple devices for people looking to quit smoking if you wanted an AIO and not a pod. Has adjustable output as well.
  • Vandy Vape Berserker Kit - Vandy Vapes version of the Innokin T18 II kit features a bubble glass for more capacity and a couple of coil options and adjustable output.
  • geekvape Flint Kit - Very similar performance wise to the berserker and endura T18 II listed above but instead of being tall and skinny it’s shorter and fatter so if you wanted one that isn’t very tall this is the way to go.

DTL Stick Kits

Not really much here as most of the ones i’ve used haven’t been very good. If you want a DTL stick style kit the best one i’ve had is the vaporesso cascade one plus. No other competition here sadly as all the other one’s i’ve used haven’t been very good. On the plus side i do have 3 in the queue from solid companies so hopefully for 2019 we get more options. Those are the freemax twister, the aspire tigon, and the vaporesso sky solo so 3 more to keep an eye out on


Dual Coil RDAs

This category along with the dual 18650 mods was probably the toughest to do. So many good options here it’s abundant making it hard for me too choose just a few so yeah sadly some really good ones will be left off the list.
  • Geekvape Loop RDA - I opted for this one over the 1.5 version as i feel it edges it out but the 1.5 version is good too. Really deep juice well, squonk pin, great flavor, nice color options (gunmetal/green looks sick), and postless deck which i love. If you can’t find the OG though the V1.5 is still good
  • Voopoo Rune RDA - nice bottom airflow postless deck RDA with huge juice well, squonk pin, and doesn't need a massive build for flavor. Best option for lower watts
  • Vandy Vape Bonza V1.5 - side airflow RDA made for massive coils. Can kick out some serious flavor with the right builds and squonk pin included. Really needs high watts and the V1.5 is slightly improved over the original so i’d opt for that
  • Desire Mad Dog V2 - It never got much love or attention and easy to forget it came out this year sadly. Excellent flavor with medium and large builds, nice juice well, squonk pin, pretty easy to build staggered deck, great quality and dirt cheap. Also comes in a kit with the innokin lift STA to make it an RDTA as well
  • Voopoo Pericles RDA - Bonza deck and kennedy airflow. Didn’t get any attention but this is one of the best for sure.
  • Augvape BTFC RDA - an RDA with Both bottom airflow and top airflow which allows you to close off the top for flavor or open the top for more air and bigger clouds hence the name. I’m a flavor guy so just running it bottom airflow only it’s a great RDA.
Lots of good dual coil RDAs for sure, plenty of tough choices


This has been the year of single coil and MTL stuff for sure so lets go over the ones i like best, again no particular order
  • Vapefly galaxies MTL RDA - A small single coil RDA for MTL vaping and good for really restricted DTL low watt vaping as well. Includes squonk pin, tons of air options and nice color options and very affordable
  • Cthulhu 1928 MTL RDA - a nice little MTL RDA with a good juice well and good flavor that works well as a squonker and dripper
  • Vapefly galaxies MTL RDTA - not a true RDA and doesn’t work well as a dripper but I felt like i should include it here if you want to squonk with a MTL atomizer instead of including with the MTL RTAs. Best flavor MTL atomizer i’ve used, easy to build, and lots of air options

Single Coil RDAs

  • Cthulhu Mjölnir RDA - Designed by me so of course it makes the list right? A single coil flavor monster with a unique airflow design to give bottom airflow flavor but also allow you to drip down the center with a huge juice well and uses that juice well to act as a RDTA when squonking. Doesn't need a massive build either and great for single battery mods both squonk mods and regular mods if your a dripper.
  • Asmodus C4 - My 2nd favorite single coil RDA of the year behind the Mjölnir RDA, this little talked about RDA is great for flavor as well. A little behind the Mjolnir but far from a slouch. Works best as a squonker but has a decent sized juice well to drip a little.
  • Hugs Vape Theseus RDA - a little talked about RDA but gives great flavor similar to the C4 and a massive juice well. Doesn’t work as a dripper though, it’s a squonk only RDA
  • Wotofo Recurve - A nice RDA from wotofo that is far from perfect sadly but when built right gives good flavor. No juice well though so only works as a squonker really. I’d opt for the others personally but this one is probably the most readily available so if you can’t find the 3 above it and don’t drip this would be the one to get.
  • Wotofo Profile RDA - I wouldn’t recommend it over any of the others on this list, however i’m adding it because if you did want to try mesh, it’s the best mesh RDA i’ve used overall as far as flavor and ease of use go.

Dual Coil RTAs

The dual coil RTA area was looking pretty thin when i made my midway best of but lots of good ones have come on as of late so plenty to choose from and no reason to go back to 2017 ones anymore.
  • Hugs Vape Lotus RTA - my favorite dual coil RTA for 2018 so far. Outside of the top fill method which i didn’t care for, hard to say anything bad about this one. It’s a flavor banger for sure with a nice postless deck and GTA styled.
  • Vandy Vape Kylin II RTA - If you liked the original, you’ll like this one as well. All the “leak” issues form the original have been fixed and although i prefer having a screw off top fill over the slide back one this has, it’s a flavor monster and it works so i can’t complain
  • Coil Art Mage V2 RTA - a company that was pretty popular a few years ago, nobody seems to talk about them anymore. They haven’t released much but they did release this Gem of an RTA that gives great flavor
  • Newgen Meson RTA - a new vape company that released 2 products this year i got to try, the meson isn’t anything ground breaking or new, but if you like smaller builds and lower watts, this is the RTA to get.
  • OBS Crius 2 Dual - The only one to stick around from my midway list it edges out some similar ones like the stacked, core, and creed RTAs but i’d still put it a bit behind the top 3 which is where i think it’s “at” for most people


  • Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA - MTL RTAs are making a comeback. Mostly limited to really expensive hard to find stuff for the past few years now we have affordable options and the galaxies is one of the best options. Tons of airflow options both at the coil and outside it’s great for MTL or low watt restricted DTL vaping. Large capacity bubble glass included for all day vaping
  • 3C vapor Savour MTL RTA - very similar to the galaxies but with less air options and doesn't go as tight of airflow as the galaxies, still a great option for loose MTL or very restricted DTL vaping.
  • Cthulhu Hastur MTL RTA Mini - a simple basic RTA with less air options then the others but still provides a good vape and a MTL draw
  • Hugs Vape Chalice MTL RTA - a really nice MTL RTA with a nice build deck and a metal cage to protect the glass from breaking. Would pair well with the aegis mini mod as a durable everyday setup.

Single Coil RTAs

I’m going to disclaimer this that if you don’t want top airflow your best best is to grab one of the ones from 2017 as they are still top flavorwise like the ammit 25, pharaoh, pharaoh mini, crius 2, and even recently i grabbed a hotcig centaur and would add that to the list as well etc. Still there were a couple of good ones and a really good top airflow one so here we go
  • Augvape Intake - best top airflow RTA i’ve come across so far. If you want the leak protection this is the way to IMO
  • Vapefly Horus RTA - one of the best options for the leak resistant design. This and the kaees solomon 1 have made the original zeus RTA a bit outdated. Still a step behind the intake though.
  • Kaees Solomon 2 RTA - the other top leak resistant design option for 2018. Choose this or the horus over the zeus if you are looking for this style. Still a step behind the intake though.
  • Vandy Vape Kylin Mini - Doesn’t beat out the best of 2017 options but still can pump out flavor with a massive build. Really needs a massive build though
  • Vandy Vape Revolver - again doesn't beat out the 2017 options but is the best flavor single coil DTL RTA of 2018 in a limited class. Beats out the kylin mini
So for the single coilers, If you want leak resistant the intake is the way to go, if you want DTL flavor chasing it’s really best to go with the top 2017 ones i listed above.


  • Innokin Zenith - Technically a 2017 tank but it's still the best MTL tank on the market and they did release the plexus coil for it in 2018 as well making it even better.
  • Freemax Fireluke Mesh - the tank that started to bring popularity back to mesh tanks. Came out early this year in January. Flavor monster for a tank. Good for around 60-70 watts and new SS coils for temp control as well. Just a beautiful excellent tank. Only drawback is a small capacity. Tons of cool color options including resin and carbon fibre
  • Uwell Nunchaku - beautiful tank that is great for the 40-50 watt range. Excellent choice for single battery mods or paired with the nunchaku stick mod in the kit. Claptonized kanthal coils provide great flavor. Tons of color options
  • Horizontech Falcon - a rare appearance from horizontech who has made some good stuff just nothing impressive, that is until now. Nice looking tank with a good capacity and the mesh cols are great for flavor. Takes a little more watts then the fireluke mesh and best used with a dual battery mod
  • Freemax Mesh Pro - Excellent sub ohm tank and IMO the best so far flavorwise. Some didn’t like the slide back fill but you can use the coils in their Fireluke and Fireluke Pro tanks as well if you want a different top fill. Go with the double and triple mesh coils with whatever tank you choose form the 3.
  • Geekvape Alpha - The 2nd best sub ohm tank i’ve had this year flavorwise it edges out the falcon but slightly behind the mesh pro. It’s also comes in matching resin colors to their excellent nova mod which makes the 2 a great pairing as a “kit”
  • geekvape Lumi - adding this because it’s a simple disposable tank i’ve seen as cheap as 4 dollars so if you wanted something entry level to try DTL vaping at low watts or just something you can travel with and don’t care if you lose it’s a nice little option to have a couple laying around in some cases

Random Cool Stuff

Here is some stuff i liked that didn’t fit in any category or is really niche
  • Steam Crave Titan 41mm RTA - a very good and affordable 41mm RTA with a unique deck and great for massive builds and pairs well with their titan PWM mod.
  • Ehpro Armor Prime - a non adjustable stick mod made to look like a mech but with a chip and protections
  • Smoant Campbel Kit - a unique kit made to mix alcohol and vaping. Worked very well with some whiskey to accent the flavor of the whiskey
  • Lost Vape Furyan - a affordable mech squonker that came with a see through ultem body and looks very nice IMO but i’m sure some will disagree
  • Wotofo Faris RDTA - not many RDTAs came out and the ones that did come out weren't good but this was the top one with a low bar. Also came with an adapter to use it as an RDA
  • Steam Crave Glaz 31mm RTA - a bit 31mm RTA with a see through glass chamber but vapes more like a 24mm RTA with restrictive air. Nice RTA but really unique and not for everyone.
  • Acrohm Fush - a similar style to the Armor Prime as in a direct output mod with protections made to look like a mech that just felt really nicely built and worked well and body tube is a LED which i really liked and thought it was well done

Worse Products of 2018

Ok this is a little harder to do since I don’t have a running list to go off of like I do for the best products so i’m sure i’ll forget some stuff and i wasn’t sure if i was going to do this again but i asked around and everyone said yeah do it and it seems like people had fun with it last year so here we go.
  • Pods - not all pods but man i had so many that were truly awful. The Ijoy AI pod, the 3 from sikary, the artery pal mini, the smokjoy Amos, all the joyetech ones , The Perl, the hugs vape surge, and the voopoo panda stand out most to me. Tons of bad pods that could have made this list
  • Joyetech Batpack - this low watt AA powered kit did make some sense but their poor coils (same coils used in the ego AIO eco) really killed any hope this had of being decent
  • Joyetech Cubis Max Tank - this came in the ultex kit and not only was it a tank where you needed a screwdriver to change the coils and you had to wick it manually which kills the whole point of a tank, it also performed extremely poorly. Easily one of the worst products i used in 2018.
  • Wismec Mods - ok the active wasn’t terrible! The speaker is decent, but it's a waterproof mod that wasn’t waterproof at all and the included tank was bad. Actually any wismec tank i used just had horrible coils. I could have called this one wismec tank or actually wismec mod or kit. Yeah they had a really poor year so much so even at ECC their employees were obviously frustrated with the company's output. The CB-80 was terrible as was the RX 21700, the luxotic DF and the luxotic NC. They probably released a dozen if not more mods most junk tier except the ravage230 and luxotic BF which are good mods. They should have built off that but this is a company that needs to get with the times get some nicer screens and better working chips and focus on performance and quality and not make mods with features nobody needed.
  • arctic dolphin anita - probably the worst built mod i’ve seen. Everyone had different issues with theirs just a total junk mod.
  • Wotofo Flux Kit - the mod didn’t work right at all and was quite large for a dual 18650 mod and since it was power mode only you’d think they would get that right but they did not. Plus the included tank was decent at best and it was priced high for some reason
  • OBS engine 2 - like the original engine it was just a flavorless mess of a RTA but with a worse deck. The original engine made my list before and this one was worse
  • Wotofo Warrior RDA - the RDA where they painted over the contacts leading to resistance jumping issues and was designed with a reviewer. No idea how that happened in the first place but they did fix it and it was still just a mediocre cookie cutter RDA
  • 3cvape Sahara RDA - literally the engine 2 in a RDA form and was designed by a reviewer to boot. Why steal the design from one of the worst RTAs and make it an RDA i’ll never understand
  • stick AIO kits - were really bad this year. The ijust 3, the voopoo caliber, the Wismec Sinuous Solo, Exceed NC, nextvapor nstick all bad. It’s a shame these are targeted at beginners
  • desire squonky tank - the idea wasn't bad, i mean i get it but doubt there was much of a market for it. Sadly the coils were awful so even in the small market with no competition it was just bad.
  • Ehpro 101 mods. I got 2 of these. 2 different models. One was the 101D and the other i think was called the 101 pro? Either way both were pretty much DOA. one was supposed to be replaced and i never got around to review it because they didn’t send a replacement and instead sent the newer model and the newer model had serious connection issues leading to hot buttons. It’s a shame as they looked nice and felt nice but nothing but disappointment in actual use for me.
  • Cthulhu Zathog RDA - i’m not going to list the njord RDA since i never got to try it personally but i think the Njord got even worse reviews than this one. Either way both made by the same reviewer and the zathog was marketed at a flavor monster 30mm RDA but in reality it was a flavorless RDA that just wasted juice and was annoying to build on.
  • Vandy Vape Maze RDA - the opposite of the cubix max which was a tank that you needed tools to install your coils, the maze RDA was an RDA that you can't build on and had to buy coils for, and the coils and flavor weren’t very good. It was a worse version of the aspire revvo tank but in RDA form
  • Wotofo Serpent Elevate - carrying on the latest trend of top airflow RTAs somehow wotofo managed to make one worse then all the others in 2018 despite being one of the newest ones. Really poor flavor RTA with some nagging quality issues and odd/poor design choices.
  • Voopoo Rimfire - review is coming next week and the shame part is it’s really the best flavor for top airflow i got, but their odd design made it so you can never actually put the tank together tightly as trying to tighten 1 part makes another part loose. It’s a pretty much unusable tank
  • Dead Rabbit RTA - basically the elevate complaints but in a dual coil form and a little better on the build quality.
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New Bourbon Releases for 2020!

New Bourbon Releases for 2020!
All Labels and Images available on Full Review Below

Over the course of 2019, there were a whole bunch of new releases and core lineup additions coming out of multiple distilleries. We saw some new and delicious selections pop up, including Four Roses Small Batch Select and Old Forester Rye. There were also a couple bourbons I was very excited about when they were first announced last year, and they fell short of my personal expectations. George Dickel Bottled in Bond and Woodford Reserve Chocolate Malted Rye were a few disappointing highlights from 2019 given my personal flavor profile preferences.

At the end of last year and leading into the new year, several new whiskeys have been announced as upcoming for 2020. Elijah Craig Rye and the new Larceny Barrel Proof have been a few pleasant surprises thus far in early 2020. There are many more announcements I couldn’t be more excited for. That being said, going into 2020 I am being more realistic about my expectations. Given the current state of the bourbon boom, both price and availability will be major factors in how the new releases will be received by the whiskey community. With more and more distilleries putting out “limited editions” and one off expressions, I am anticipating demand will never be higher for these products. It is already challenging enough to find allocated bottles in the current state of the market, and there is no sign of that changing anytime soon.

I am going to be open and honest about my opinions regarding the distilleries and my anticipation about the juice itself. That being said, let’s dive into some of the new expressions that are already planned for release in 2020.

Weller Single Barrel Bourbon:

Buffalo Trace Distillery has been approved on the TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) website for a brand new addition to the Weller lineup. The new Weller Single Barrel comes in at 97 proof, and falls somewhere in the middle of their current wheated offerings. Both the Weller 12 Year and Special Reserve are 90 proof. The Old Weller Antique comes in at 107 and the latest addition, Full Proof, clocks in at 114. Sporting an orange label, it is unclear when, or if this will hit the market in 2020. Price has not been disclosed.

My Two Cents: Why Buffalo Trace, just why. We already can’t find damn near every Weller expression in the majority of the markets in the United States. I wish instead of expanding the Weller line every year, Buffalo Trace would instead up the distribution and allocation of their very limited, but solid core lineup. Guess what, there is already a single barrel Weller out there in the form of Old Weller Antique store picks. Those are even more impossible to find for most of us, even though the few I have been able to try were excellent. I am hoping this will be the last addition to the Weller lineup for several years, and they start pumping out more juice for us to get the opportunity to try them.

Knob Creek 15 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Jim Beam Distillery has filed TTB labeling for a brand new 15 Year Knob Creek Small Batch Bourbon. This bourbon will be bottled at 100 proof and was announced shortly after Jim Beam stated they will be limiting their Knob Creek Single Barrel Select program for bar and store owners. In 2019, Knob Creek released a 12 year age stated expression. Beam Suntory must have been happy with the reception of the release. According to the label, the bourbon will have “…..aromas of caramelized oak followed by hints of sweet vanilla and baking spices. The palate is smooth caramel and toffee notes paired with toasted oak and light leather. The finish is warm with spice, light floral, and fruit.” No release date or price has been set.
My Two Cents: I am kind of torn about this new announcement. Some of the older (12-15 year) single barrel reserve store picks I have tried have been some of the most flavorful and rich bourbons I have had. I really hope they do not cut back much (if any) on their single barrel program, because I don’t want to miss out on the potential of those barrels. Most likely, the majority of Knob Creek store picks you will find in the wild will be right around that 9 year age for the foreseeable future. It is logical that those olders barrels will now be reserved for the 12 and 15 year bottlings instead. I am curious to see if the quality of the 15 year will be similar to some of those older picks I have tried. If I was a betting man, I am guessing the quality will be a decent step down from the higher aged store picks of the past. Also, let us not forget, this will be 100 proof and not 120.

Benchmark Bourbon Line Extension

Buffalo Trace’s mash bill #1 (low rye) bottom shelf offering is likely getting a complete labeling and bottling overhaul sometime in 2020. TTB labels were submitted for five different variations, all with different proof points and classifications. No specifics regarding release dates or prices have been provided.
My Two Cents: Once again, Buffalo Trace is capitalizing on the bourbon boom and giving the consumers more aged, higher proof options (theoretically…). In my opinion, the trend of public bourbon preferences is starting to head in that direction. More and more of us are seeking out higher proof offerings, as they generally tend to provide more full and rich flavors.
As previously mentioned, availability may become an issue with these new labels. While many more markets can find Benchmark, than say a Blantons bottle, it still isn’t everywhere. Also, how much different will a 90 proof small batch whiskey be from an 86 proof “Top Floor” bottle? The answer is, “I honestly don’t know”. What I can tell you is that Buffalo Trace is counting on me wanting to find out (And guess what? I do want to find out).

Old Forester Single Barrel 100 Proof and Barrel Proof

According to Jackie Zykan, Old Forester’s master taster, “….we wanted to be able to share how special some of these barrels are when the product inside is tasted in raw form.” Brown-Forman announced in 2019 they would be making some changes to their single barrel select program, and I couldn’t be more excited for it! Formerly, Old Forester Single Barrel Bourbon was only available at 90 proof. That lower proof point will now be replaced with 100 proof, and barrel strength single barrel versions. Bottles will also have a sleeker, redesigned label that holds true to the Old Forester brand. The barrel strength versions will fall somewhere between 130-135 proof. MSRP will be ~$50 for the 100 proof and ~$80 for the barrel proof offering.
My Two Cents: This is probably the addition in 2020 that I am most looking forward to, especially the barrel proof version. Old Forester Single Barrel picks have always been some of my favorites out there, and an amplification in proof is only going to improve the bourbon drinking experience. Old Forester continues to do things the right way, and is giving the people what they have been asking for. I know both myself, and several others in my whiskey circles, have long dreamed what a barrel proof Old Forester would taste like, and now we get the chance to find out! Given Old Forester’s track record with making their products available, there is a very good chance that most of us will be able to find these new single barrel offerings. My only concern is that I am overhyping it in my head. I hope to find out for myself.

Colonel E.H. Taylor 18 Year Old Marriage

Coming out of Buffalo Trace Distillery, the E.H. Taylor line is already one of the most sought after brands in their entire portfolio. E.H. Taylor (EHT) is no stranger to limited releases, with some of the most expensive secondary bourbon bottles out there, including Cured Oak, Seasoned Wood, Warehouse C Tornado Survivor, and Old Fashioned Sour Mash. The newest edition will be a combination of American bourbon barrels “from three signature mashbills that matured for eighteen years, including two different rye bourbon mashbills and our wheated mashbill.” Upon the back of the recently submitted TTB COLA label, Buffalo Trace states, “The marriage of bourbon mashbills gives this magnificent whiskey a nose of vanilla butter cake, a rich palate of caramel and cinnamon, and long finish of toasted oak, cinnamon, and a hint of spearmint.” This bourbon will stay true to the EHT line and be Bottled in Bond, coming in at 100 proof. Release date is unknown, but rumors indicate it may possibly hit the shelves in the summer or early fall of 2020. MSRP and distribution plans are not currently available.
It is worth noting that any new whiskey label that appears on the TTB COLA registry is not guaranteed to ever be released to market
My Two Cents: Sure, I would love to find one of these, or perhaps try a sample, but the odds are very slim. The described flavor profile and mash bill specifics make it sound like it will be an excellent expression. Availability and accessibility will be the major barrier to the average consumer having an opportunity to enjoy this one. Holding true to most other EHT offerings, it will be very allocated and damn near impossible to find. If I do ever get the opportunity to be able to try this 18 Year Marriage, I am very curious to see if it can possibly live up to the hype.

Other Notable Bourbons Coming in 2020

  • Blanton’s Gold
    • Release: June 2020 (United States)
    • 103 Proof
    • MSRP: $120
  • Wild Turkey 17 Year Bottled in Bond
    • 100 Proof
    • Release: Unknown
  • Old Forester 150th Anniversary Batch Proof
    • 126 Proof
  • Little Book Chapter 4
    • Release: October 2020
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