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2018 New starters guide, part 2 - Clan citadels and easy / medium quests

Personal notes and introduction
2018 New starters guide, part 1
2018 New starters guide, part 3 - How to make money
2018 New Starters Guide, part 4 –Distractions and Diversions
I took a lot of the constructive criticism in the comment section of part 1, and tried to break it up, as well as formatting it differently. I will be breaking it up into sections to make it more visually appealing, and try to get my guide done incrementally, since it will take me many hours to format, type and properly research each thing for this guide.
In this part of the guide, I will explain some of the benefits of joining a clan (with members) and Quest goals to strive for. First off, lets set some goals regarding quests, then talk about what clans and clan citadels are.
Edit 11/7/2018 - Some of the information regarding the Clan Citadel, espeically regarding avatars, is outdated due to updates.

•¸.•´¨*•.¸¸.•*´¨•.¸.Quest goals•¸.•´¨*•.¸¸.•*´¨•.¸¸.•´

First off I recommend looking into completing the quests that give out rewards periodically after completing the quest. These are great for exp and gold pieces, and should be one of your first goals after completing some of the quests in the previous guide
  • A shadow over ashdale - Excellent exp reward each week. Also a good quest for those who like reading books by lovecraft.
  • **Tears of Guthix - unlocks the minigame that has the same name, a extra way of gaining exp each week or so. Can get even more exp in the minigame if you have Lv 80 Crafting and Mining
  • Beneath Cursed Tides - Good way to make money each month for little effort. A semi easy quest for people who want to find out the mystery of where tutorial island went.
  • Buyers and Cellars – low skill quest that has weekly thieving exp rewards that increases as you do more miniquests related to this main quests. Also unlocks the ability to steal from certain types of safes around runescape when you have a high enough thieving level.
  • Cold War - for the ability to play penguin hide and seek (yes you heard that right) and get exp rewards,
  • Hunt For Red Raktuber, (to find more penguins and other polar creatures)
  • Throne of Miscellania – Gives a repeatable reward activity called Managing Miscellania. It is a good for making money, but you may need to invest some money to make some money here. Repeatable Reward can also rarely reward you with sealed easy clue scrolls
  • Royal Trouble - Enhances the amount of rewards from Managing Miscellania. Also unlocks a underground city people always forget about.
  • Fur 'n' Seek - easy quest points, and unlocks the Rag and Bone Man wish list miniquest, which has some excellent weekly rewards when the miniquest is completed…(garenteed elite clue scroll each week, small chance of it being a master clue scroll) NOTE - it may take a while though to actually complete the requirements to all odd old man bone quests / miniquests. It’s a long term goal
  • In Pyre Need – Unlocks a distraction and diversion that can help you train firemaking, fletching crafting and slayer, as well as some summoning supplies that you can sell for some profit or use to train summoning. (This minigame can be played once per day). You may also get a rare chance to get a cute follower after playing this minigame as well.
  • Broken Home – Gives a large experience lamp every time you successfully complete a replay this quest. (Also gives some good rewards if you complete the challenges) Side note: probably not worth it to do every week, since it can become repetitive. Kinda fun to do every October though.
Other low / semi - low lv quests to look into completing
  • As stated before, Do the Path in your adventures - This consists of 3 quests that give good starting XP and also unlocks the Pathfinder Armour set. (This is the best Armour you can get until lvl 20 Armour is accessible. It can also get it back for free if you die with it.)
  • Start Rag and Bone Man quest ASAP. It will take a while, but there is no real rush. It will just save you lots of walking around and extra killing if you start this quest early.
  • You are it- A wacky ride of a quest, full of danger and suspense. If you ever stumble upon this quest, I recommend you see the varrock librarian for help with this one ASAP … Good luck.
  • Priest in Peril - unlocks a region of runescape called Morytania, which has various useful quests and content in that area. Also needed for some clue scrolls of various levels.
  • The Giant Dwarf – a reletivly easy quest, unlocks dwarven city of kildagrim, also needed to be partially completed for some elite / master clue scroll scans
  • Fishing contest – to cross white wolf mountain quicker without a tele, and to get to kildagrim faster. It is easy fishing exp and a easy quest point.
  • Jungle Potion – useful for increasing your herblore, but requires you to go into the jungle and run away from lv 60 enemies (don’t need to fight, just have food handy). Energy potions and a few mint cakes recommended, since it involves a lot of running.
  • The Grand Tree - Allows ability and Gnome Gliders, which come in handy getting around runescape.
  • Ghosts Ahoy - Allows ability to use Ectophial, which provide a excellent teleport for to the ectofungus in mortania. * Also allows free access to Port Phasmatys after the quest *Note: The ectophial teleport is helpful for farming training, faster prayer training, more Ecto-tokens to spend on prayer exp enhancing outfit / modified prayer headgear from shady ghost and getting to mortania faster. Also recommend doing this first before trying to beat araxxor (high lv spider boss), since you can get there much faster with this teleport.
  • Tree Gnome Village - Allows you to talk to spirit trees, and have them teleport you to various locations around runescape. Extremely useful when looking for evil trees and teleporting.
  • Death to the Dorgeshuun – unlocks city of Dorgesh-Kaan, which can be helpful when training agility and thieving. It is also required for elite clue scroll scans.
  • Nature Spirit – needed to start for medium and hard clue scrolls. Also helps train prayer.
  • Gertrude's Cat – gives you the ability to raise cats, and a free kitten.
  • Icthlarin's Little Helper – gives you an amulet so you can talk to cats. Also needed partially completed to access Sophanem.
  • In Aid of the Myreque – unlocks first part of Temple Trekking, a minigame that gives out useful rewards. Also allows Access to Burgh de Rott and its facilities, which is very useful when playing The Barrows minigame.
  • Shades of Mort'ton – Starting this quest will allow you to make a potion that is relatively easy to make, and a cost effective (abet a bit slow) way of training herblore, since most of the ingredients are easy to get. *
*Note: Finishing this quest however is a real pain nowadays, since you need help from a group of people in a minigame nobody really plays anymore. I recommend going to world 88 and completing the bank in the In Aid of the Myreque quest before trying to finish this one… Shade luring dummys, a few Flamtaer bracelets and help from friends / clan can be extremely helpful as well... if not a bit expensive.
  • Eagles' Peak - Allows ability to use eagle transportation system, also a necessary quest for anyone who wants to cosplay as a Pinocchio or a really, really unconvincing looking eagle.
  • Enlightened Journey - Allows ability to use hot air balloon transportation system. Also allows you to make Origami balloons and access to fashionable clothing items. (Origami balloons are fun to shoot out at players, especially if you are bored and run out of throw-able fun items)
  • Shield of Arrav – A easy, free to play quest in varrock, You no longer need another person to complete this quest, and can do it by yourself pretty quickly.
  • Imp Catcher – A free to play quest - It is a updated new one, but still pretty easy when you have the wicked hood teleports to the elemental alters.
  • Sea slug – the first in the sea slug quest series, it’s a easy one to complete. See if you can see any referances to HP Lovecraft books in this Quest series.
Medium quests to look into
These are quests that are not quite hard, but not for beginners, usually because of the quest requirements.
  • Biohazard – Allows access to the Training Camp, north of Ardougne (East), Needed for a medium clue scroll clue. Also plays a part in one of the main quest series of runescape.
  • Family Crest - Provides a extremely useful item for low lv players.
  • Elemental Workshop I – a necessary quest to complete in order to defend yourself properly against skeletal wyverns and wyverns. Look for a special looking book in one of the bookcases seers village to start this quest. The rest of the quest series can be overlooked, unless you LIKE becoming frustrated and just skipping to a guide for each additional elemental workshop quest.
  • Meeting history – Significant to understanding beginning of Gielinor. (runescape). Needs Making History and a few lower lv quests to start.
  • Lost City - Allows access to Zanaris, the lost city. One of the few places you can encounter old random events anymore. You can find a fairy slayer master and a sandpit next to a furnace and bank (for quick glass making) here too.
  • When you get 33 Quest Points and can start Dragon Slayer. A quest that is almos 17 years old, it is necessary in order to wear rune platebody, blue dragonhide body, and all of the mystic robe tops, (lv. 50 armor). You also get to own your very own boat.
  • One Small Favor- I hope you like walking / teleporting... this quest has a lot of it. Give a useful item in the end that saves bank space, as well as the ability to make Guthix rest tea (poor mans Saradomin brew) and Super Guthix rest ( Good for ability bar quick healing if you run out of jellyfish, and for a poor mans adrenaline potion)
  • Between a Rock... – Unlocks a useful ore resource dungeon, with easy banking.
  • The Fremennik Isles – unlocks 2 islands which can be helpful in making money (yak hides), training crafting, and training mining. Also needed for elite clue scroll scan.
  • Gower Quest (Free to play)– A wacky quest, one that has various references from the history of the game. Gives a multitude of prizes, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. I recommend going to the wiki page, notably the trivia section, after completing it to understand some of the references. I also recommend not skipping any dialogue and examining you surroundings when playing this quest.
  • Darkness of Hallowvale - Unlocks Burgh de Rott Ramble minigame, which is Temple Trekking in reverse route…Frustrating to complete without a guide, especially since most of the places you go to is like a maze
  • **Desert Treasure - Allows ability to use Ancient Magicks spellbook, which contain powerful spells and different teleport spells. Also unlocks something interesting
  • Big Chompy Bird Hunting – allows you to hunt Chompy birds, which is a good money maker (due to the fact that it is one of the rarer ingredients to make the useful wild and wilder pies)
  • Haunted Mine – a The ability to make salve amulets, which gives combat bonuses against undead creatures. I recommend using the drop trick (obtaining an item, dropping it, then repeating the action that first granted the item. The player can then pick up the dropped copies of the item. ) since it is a pain to regain the salve amulet ingredients if you lose the amulet.
  • Monkey Madness – a pain in the neck quest, but recommended for training agility later on. Also required for getting a monkeyspeak amulet (a amulet that allows you to understand what a monkey is saying). One of the most frustrating quests on runescape.

•¸.•´¨*•.¸¸.•*´¨•.¸.Being part of a clan•¸.•´¨*•.¸¸.•*´¨•.¸¸.•*´

What is a clan?
A clan on runescape is a team / club that is you can talk to, get assistance from, Battle bosses with, and use their Clan Citadel to skill or hang out on. (Clan Citadels will be explained later)
How to join one?
You must be invited to a clan on Runescape, to join it. Find a player in a clan, and ask them to invite you. The player must select invite and will then click on you, the invitee, and you will then join the clan.
Is there any requirements for joining a clan
Depends on the clan. Some clans are on skill total world (which requires you to have a certain total level to enter that world), combat level requirements, being only on the homeworld of that clan, posting applications on the official runescape forums, mandatory tasks / meetups or other requirements. Some clans are very lax and don’t really have requirements.
Do I need to be in a clan?
No and many people choose not to be in a clan for various reasons. It is beneficial to be in one though, just because playing alone can be a bit borring and you can get help on various topics from other playerers easier then randomly asking people for help. There is also the bonus exp, a clan avatar that provides various useful boosts, a useful teleport and Skill plots that can help you as well (if you are a member and the clan has a Clan Citadel).

Clan Citadel (island in the sky)

When you decide to become a member, try starting or joining a clan with 5 players with members benefits to own your personal clan skilling world high up in the sky. There must be 5 members in your clan in order for you to have access to it, and you must have membership in order to get there.
Skill plots
These help you build and maintain your clan citadel. They are also great for exp, since it costs nothing besides having the clan maintain the citadel. Each citadel has different tiers, which offer different benefits
  • Citadel tier 1 - Woodcutting plots, also can build a habitat for one avatar
  • Citadel tier 2 - Mining plot (stone)
  • Citadel tier 3 - Firemaking plot, Mining plot (Metal Ore), Smithing plot
  • Citadel tier4 - Mining plot (precious ore), Smithing plot (precious ore). Also can build a habitat for two avatars.
  • Citadel tier5 - Crafting plot, Summoning plot
  • Citadel tier6 - Cooking plot
  • Citadel tier 7 –cosmetic stuff for your citadel, and the ability to build a habitat for three avatars
Bonus experience
Clan members can claim Bonus experience in any skill for which the citadel has a skill plot by talking to the Quartermaster after collecting resources 500 times from most skill plots, each week. Right clicking your clan cloak can give you the bonus experience in any skill.
Anagogic orts and Clan avatars
Anagogic orts are rocks gained by members when killing monsters or skilling whilst in a clan. You can only collect a certain amount of them each day, and
Skilling players receive a message to let them know they got some, saying: "Some anagogic orts fall to the floor." Where these rocks come from is a mystery, and it can be annoying to see rocks that suspiciously look like turds suddenly spawn when skilling, but it’s helpful to have a boost from a clan avatar when it is out, so it sort of evens out the negative side of your player spawning mystical turd rocks when skilling or killing enemies.
For more information regarding Anagogic orts, visit its wiki page here
The Clan Avatar
A clan avatar can be summoned by an administrator or higher up in the clan, and can provide useful buffs for those around it, or for every clan member on same world that have handed in the odd looking magical rocks.
Most of these buffs really aren't for high level players, and are only useful for new players. The skilling buff is the only exception to this, since it can help save a bit of time and money when trying to level up your skills.
Here are the buffs listed for anyone interested in them:
  • Heal Over Time - Heals clan members in range of the avatar for 2% of their maximum life points every five seconds. (Side note – Probably useful for clan members who are trying out low to mid level bossing, or for an aid to a healer type of role.)
  • Familiar Faces - Doubles the familiar's timer when summoning one in range of the avatar. Entering the area of effect with a summoned familiar, or summoning a creature within the area of effect, will double the time for which they can be active. The effect is lost if you leave the area of effect. (Side Note - a near useless buff, probably only good for mass skilling events or for helping out new players)
  • Auto Ort - The avatar adds dropped/skilled Anagogic orts straight into your inventory when collected in range of the avatar. (Side note: A buff only practical for the person who summoned it, impractical for those around them…Probably more sanitary than picking up your own bricks poop rocks)
  • Skill Plot Bonus - 10% more resources from skilling in the citadel; this does not increase the cap for the individual, but instead increases the rate of resources produced. Note: that XP gained per action does not change, so after reaching your cap you will have received ~9.1% less experience. (**Personal side note – Very useful if the clan just want to build up the citadel and get it over with… No idea if you need to be by the avatar to have it work however.)
  • Skilling Bonus - 3% more xp for skilling on the same world as the avatar and 6% more xp for skilling in range of the avatar. (Side Note This is the most useful and helpful buff that the avatar can give to the summoner and the clan. Seriously, this can cut some major costs and reduce time skilling. I recommend summoning it on the home world of the clan so everyone knows where to look, and actually goes to the home world more often. NOTE: There are limitations on what the skill boost works on and doesn’t work on, please see the wiki page for more information)
  • Random Resurrection - Resurrects a player. This can only be done to each player once a day and for a limited amount of total times per clan per day depending on the citadel tier. (Side Note No idea if they need to be by it to get resurrected, Useful for mass bossings, especially for low level or inexperienced players.
  • Protector - The avatar takes 5.2% of all damage, including typeless damage, dealt to a clan member in range of the avatar. (Side Note Kind of cool for a mass bossing or boss fight, but no idea how much damage it can take before it goes away, the wiki doesn’t say. Either way, it’s a nice boost for a healer / helping someone start bossing)
Further information regarding the clan avatar and its buffs can be found here on the wiki
The range of the buff is a 22 by 22 square area centered on the avatar.
More wiki info here
Side note: It looks like a cross between a Sigilyph and a Golurk with some elemental thing going on. Kinda creepy though how it doesn’t say anything and constantly stares at you with its glowing eyes…
Clan vexillum can be used to teleport directly to your clan citadel portal, south of falador. This is very useful way to save rune run energy, and save money on teleports, since it costs nothing to teleport you,
Maintenance of your Clan Citadel
Crap breaks over time, and things need repairing. Structures and skill plots somehow need a certain amount of upkeep, or they end up disappearing as you need a set amount or resources that you gathered from your citadel to have the island and the NPCs on them upgrade or repair your floating island. Your store your resources automatically in your Clan Citadel’s Storehouse.
Clan Citadel’s Storehouse
Like a real life crappy storehouse, the stuff you gathering after the upkeep mark is met somehow ends up spoiling after the building tick (week is up, start another week for the clan), and only a certain percentage (depending on the tier of the clan citadel) is lost. Where it goes and how it spoils (especially when you have banks that hold all sorts of perishable things FOR YEARS with no problems or spoilage) is a mystery…maybe space rats eating up your supplies?... but whatever, its not supposed to make sense, the magical stone avatars give boosts to you when you literally feed them shit rocks each week.
It’s a painfully boring to explain the upkeep costs, but a basic rule is the higher your citadel tier, the more annoying it is to upkeep it...and the more perks and skill plots it has. Further info about upkeep costs are found on the building costs wiki page and the storehouse wiki page
More information about clans can be found here http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Clan_Citadel
Notes, Links, Edits, and Updates
Thanks for reading this part of my guide. I will try to get the next one done within next month or sooner, but I cannot promise anything since lately I don’t have that much free time to work on this. ~~My High level quests, and maste grandmaster quests, and miniquests part of the guide coming out next month or sooner. ~~ I will be focusing on combat tips and money making tips next month or so.
Also, I found aA quest planner app made by u/darrenswhite, for those who want to look at the rewards for quests pretty quickly. No idea if it works or if it is safe, but I figure I should put it in here regardless, since it got so many comments of praise.
2018 New starters guide, part 1
7/27/2018 2018 New starters guide, part 3 - How to make money complete
11/7/2018 2018 New Starters Guide, part 4 –Distractions and Diversions
12/27/2018 2018 New Starters Guide - part 5 Final Tips and Thoughts.
Please leave a comment or suggestion for this guide or previous guides I have done. Constructive criticism is always welcome.
Edit 1: Took some of the constructive critism and typos and fixed them. Its a bit more summarized, pointed out typos are corrected, and a bit more readable now.
Edit 2: changed subject of next part of the guide to making money and combat tips. Also fixed some text so it was better to understand.
submitted by CactusEnamel to runescape

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