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Patch Notes v1.2.2753


New features

  1. New apparel - Beret: Worn by various lower-ranking Imperial nobles.
  2. New apparel - Cape: This stylish cape functions similarly to a duster. Worn by various middle-ranking Imperial nobles.
  3. New apparel - Gunlink: This tactical headgear offers no protection, but increases shooting accuracy. It is used by Imperial troops.
  4. New apparel - Eltex skullcap: This offers little protection, but improves psycasting. Worn by some middle-ranking Imperial nobles.
  5. New apparel - Stellic crown: A unique, gigantic crown worn by the high stellarch.
  6. New permit - Steel drop: Call down some steel resources.
  7. New permit - Glitterworld medicine drop: Call down some glitterworld medicine.
  8. New permit - Silver drop: Call down some silver.
  9. New permit - Food drop: Call down some food.
  10. When forming a caravan, animals now instantly go to the caravan packing spot instead of waiting for a colonist to take them. This speeds up the caravan formation process significantly.
  11. You can now place blueprints separately for different types of buildings in a monument, so you can make them of different materials.
  12. We now display a text mote when a player pawn gains a new level in a skill.
  13. If you have a menu with a very large number of commands, as in a powerful psycaster, some of them will be displayed smaller.
  14. Use drug commands are now condensed onto a single command if a pawn carries more than one drug type.
  15. Allow projectiles to be rendered with a visual arc and ground shadow. Activated this behavior for: Phoenix and Grenadier armor, frag grenades, molotovs, emp/smoke/incendiary launchers.
  16. Allow right clicking on the shuttle with multiple pawns selected to load all allowed ones.
  17. Mods can now be tagged as translations in the workshop.
  18. We now automatically add appropriate bedrolls to caravan.
  19. Pawns will now not lose their skill levels until they fall 1000 XP under zero. This stops pawns from quickly leveling up and down around a threshold.
  20. Added a warning confirmation for calling for resources that would cause the caravan to be immobile.
  21. Add some text content to refugee hospitality quest.
  22. Recipes for crafted things now show work to make in their info card.
  23. New artwork for orbital targeters.
  24. Allow quick loading via permit shuttle from non-home maps with no hostiles.
  25. Upon death, all titles will not be instantly transferred to their heirs. Instead, we give favor up to the inherited title and generate a bestowing quest for the heir.


  1. Adjust text and icon for the ’Take drug’ command.
  2. In custom difficulty settings, rename "fixed wealth" mode to "wealth-independent" mode, and give the player a slider to control how many years until this mode delivers its maximum threat level.
  3. Move ’take to inventory’ column over just to the right of the drug name.
  4. Dirt now washes away in rain.
  5. Changed precious lump hostile threats description to something more concise.
  6. Psycasts are now sorted on the interface by category and then level.
  7. Changed psychic droner to start off with medium bad strength as baseline and when spawned on sites its determined by points now, same as the ’raw’ gamecondition.
  8. Ensure all the mech cluster buildings wake up once it was attacked.
  9. Adjustments to Precious Lump quest text and world object info.
  10. Make pawns count as guilty while in aggro mental state.
  11. Disable corpse obsession break for prisoners, as it’s very unlikely to happen and is not implemented around this possibility.
  12. Reorganized permit UI. Exchanged horizontal scrollbar for vertical.
  13. Give the broadshield pack a smaller drawsize, so that its icon/map-icon is more congruent with its appearance on a pawn.
  14. Added faction icon to main work tab with click through to faction and scroll to faction.
  15. Added max lodger count to hospitality refugee quest.
  16. AI will now only deploy an NPC’s Smokepop or Broadshield pack if the offending attacker is hostile. This prevents friendly-fire from activating an NPC’s Smokepop/Broadshield.
  17. Rewrite noble requests for help in the pawn lending quest.
  18. Increase frequency of bandit camp mission and shuttle crash quests.
  19. Food and medicine renamed to travel supplies.
  20. Add hediff links to recipes for implants and parts.
  21. Apparel with utility now has a score offset to make AI more likely to automatically wear it.
  22. Made nature shrines minifiable and reinstallable.
  23. Made shrines improve anima tree meditation.
  24. Farskip now affects colony animals if not on the home map.
  25. Colonists and pack animals unload inventory automatically once farskipped to a player home map.
  26. Climate adjuster no longer will choose negative temperature offset for deserts nor positive offset for ice sheets (it will avoid being not dangerous).
  27. NPC pawns with titles now purchase random permits on generation.
  28. We now show the player a feedback message when calling resources to a caravan.
  29. Trade requests will no longer request patchleather.
  30. Added quest look target when bestowing ceremony cannot be accepted due to threat.
  31. Bestowing ceremony text now says that player is expected to keep bestower safe.
  32. Jump packs and locust armor now require enough chemfuel to provide their initial fuel, and one more component.
  33. Ensure auto-selected travel supplies doesn’t exceed caravan mass capacity.
  34. Use phrase "Force equip" instead of "Force wear" when referring to utility-slot apparel items.
  35. Change the "Tornado generator" targeter to a utility-slot apparel item.
  36. Change the "Orbital mech cluster targeter" to a utility-slot apparel item.
  37. Increased warmup time for aerodrone permits by 1 second.
  38. Removed full-map light up effect of all strikes except orbital beam.
  39. Icons of spacer armor now display as off-white instead of dark gray.
  40. Adjust eltex gear colors to be darker.
  41. Shield renaming for clarity and consistency. "Mortar shield" is now "mech high-shield". "Bullet shield" is now "mech low-shield". "Broadshield pack" is now "low-shield pack". "Broadshield projector" is now "burnout low-shield". "bullet shield" psycast is now "skipshield". No code or defNames were changed.
  42. Rename orbital strike permits to aerodrone strike (for fiction coherence reasons).
  43. Don’t autoselect beer, ambrosia, flowers or insect jelly in the form caravan dialog.
  44. Bestower is no longer required to have archotech eyes.
  45. Neural heat overload can no longer cause psylink degradation or any other permanent damage.
  46. Member stripped goodwill penalty increased from 10 to 40.
  47. Royal apparel production costs rebalanced.
  48. Prevent farskip when caravan is overweight.
  49. Improve meditation and medical rest priorities to allow meditation for pawns with healing injuries if they’re on meditation schedule.
  50. Optimize monument marker drawing.


  1. Use the old root keys in PawnLend script to avoid breaking translations.
  2. Reset pawns enemyTarget after recovering from aggro mental state.
  3. Selectively finalize equipped stat offsets
  4. Use ThingDefCountClass to list dropped resources in permits. Added missing honor values. Zero honor cost produces a config error.
  5. Spread out re-validating FloatMenuOption across multiple frames.
  6. Improve FloatMenuMap caching and AddUndraftedOrders check order for better performance.
  7. Make the ’try add to inventory’ debug option.
  8. Tweak the drawSize of various headgear to ensure their on-map size is congruent with their on-pawn size.
  9. Royal title requirement thought workers now pass RoyalTitle object into Formatted and GrammarResolverSimple provides all required symbols.
  10. Added some missing apparel score offsets for utility armor.
  11. GenStep_ConditionCauser now checks for existing buildings at scatter spot.
  12. Medieval surgeries now have links to the proper hediffs.
  13. Fixed an issue where if the "Insect spawning rate" custom difficulty setting was set to zero, it caused unnecessary every-tick re-checking of whether a hive should spawn more pawns.
  14. Remove remaining mentions of "default" load folder from ModUpdating.txt.


  1. Fix: Colonist with a sick thought won’t meditate at all.
  2. Fix: Pawn lend initial description and final letter mismatch.
  3. Fix: Ability duration on the tooltip is shown in hours even for low values.
  4. Fix: Gunlink displays shooting accuracy stat offset as %.
  5. Fix: Becoming neutral/allied with imperials after taking the deserter quest then entering their site allows you to take the neuroformers without a fight.
  6. Fix: Auto-rebuild doesn’t work on bridges.
  7. Fix: Quest prisoners can spawn on door tiles and walk away.
  8. Fix: Overlapping keybinds for assigning pawn and toggle prisoner-owned for beds.
  9. Fix: Psycast disabled status is not being updated in shrunk mode.
  10. Fix: Auto mortars are always active.
  11. Fix: Compressed commands are drawn from top to bottom.
  12. Fix: Quest reward pawn died before quest was accepted.
  13. Fix: Not all curve marks being drawn on graphs.
  14. Fix: Errors on generating long range mineral scanner quest via debug tools.
  15. Fix: Psyfocus target value on the gizmo tooltip is not updated until you finished adjusting it.
  16. Fix: Colonist pods returning from a ’pawn lend’ quest can roof punch.
  17. Fix: No mech cluster building is multi-selectable
  18. Fix: Keyed translations from a mod can’t replace existing values with the same key and log an error instead.
  19. Fix: XML Attribute IsNull only works on simple fields.
  20. Fix: Psylink neuroformers that are in a storage area do not appear on a resource readout.
  21. Fix: Ensure Graphic_RandomRotated preserves the of wrapped graphics.
  22. Fix: Projectiles were invisible for the first few cells of flight, due to them inheriting and interpolating their launcher’s y layer, and being clipped/obscured out of the camera
  23. Fix: Auto Charge Turret fires when stunned
  24. Fix: Can’t prioritize chatting with a prisoner if some other warden is already doing it.
  25. Fix: Unfogging adjacent cells of buildings which are more than 1x1 of size doesn’t work properly.
  26. Fix: Grammar errors in a few ’title requirements not met’ thought descriptions.
  27. Fix: Apparel scoring algorithm ignores heat armor.
  28. Fix: Rescuing downed noble ends shuttle rescue quest.
  29. Fix: Bandit camp returnees don’t unload.
  30. Fix: Its possible to arrest non-violent/downed pawns and not have their faction notified of member captured.
  31. Fix: Some wrong import settings on a few UI icon graphics.
  32. Fix: "Unchangeable" text from visually overlaps with "Clear forced" button in assign-outfits panel.
  33. Fix: Incorrect memory thought when refugee arrested or violated and incorrect letter text when violated in refugee hospitality quest.
  34. Fix: Join letter in hospitality refugee quest remains (with disabled accept) if pawn leaves map before quest has ended.
  35. Fix: Rare exception when changing the "Allowed area" restriction of a colonist in the Schedule tab, while the colonist is performing certain multi-step actions (such as being in the middle of reloading a mortar).
  36. Fix: Gloomlight would prevent a Sun lamp from producing "brightly lit" cells within the radius of the Gloomlight. Due to: the glowColor of the Gloomlight not having an explicit alpha of zero. We now correctly ignore the alpha from the xml.
  37. Fix: Bestower quest has a rootSelectionWeight of 1.
  38. Fix: Quest helper went wild man, now wandering around on map, can’t arrest or empire becomes hostile.
  39. Fix: Drug scheduling for inventory does not function when set to 1.
  40. Fix: Stellarch and other non-rewardable title holding pawns don’t get any permits.
  41. Fix: Logging null leader error for factions which don’t need a leader.
  42. Fix: Meditation preventing pawn from attending a gathering or giving speech.
  43. Fix: Using explanation text meant for anima tree (after letting letting it being enhanced with shrines) on other focus objects.
  44. Fix: Condition causer can be spawned ontop of power conduits (wiping them).
  45. Fix: lastPsylinkAvailable is reset whenever a game is loaded, causing fewer neuroformer quest rewards.
  46. Fix: Finding throne room spot for bestowing ceremony does not work if throne is blocked in front and back.
  47. Fix: In custom-difficulty settings, the minimum value of "Turret rearm cost" was set to 1%.
  48. Fix: Bestowing ceremony doesn’t update permit points.
  49. Fix: Extra newlines in quest descriptions.
  50. Fix: If the "Insect spawning rate" custom difficulty setting was set to zero, it caused insect/mech hives to spawn every tick once they reached their next spawn time.
  51. Fix: Calling a shuttle to a caravan always costs favor instead of initiating cooldown.
  52. Fix: Resources with null stuffProps can be accepted as "Stony" resources in monuments.
  53. Fix: NRE when trying to get all pawns with specific mental state in quest part.
  54. Fix: Shuttle auto-load does not properly work on shuttle assault quest return.
  55. Fix: Bestowing ceremony escorte can be used as a fighting force. There will now be negative effects if they are killed.
  56. Fix: Bestower goes to wrong room for ceremony (added fallbacks when no spot in thronerome can be found).
  57. Fix: Animals refusing to eat reachable food when restricted to an area.
  58. Fix: Exception during reward-giving Quests when custom-difficulty setting "Quest Rewards" is set to 0%.
  59. Fix: Pawns don’t face table when eating.
  60. Fix: Healer mech serum heals love
  61. Fix: Player blueprints prevent mech clusters from dropping.
  62. Fix: Attacking a settlement with a shuttle causes the map to be smaller compared to caravans and transport pods.
  63. Fix: Some single-use utility items could be used multiple times via shift-clicking.
  64. Fix: GenStep_MechCluster spawns mech that are awake, but marked as dormant.
  65. Fix: Pawn keeps meditating with a focus object that has 0 focus offset.
  66. Fix: "Clear prioritised work" command can interrupt neuroquake cast.
  67. Fix: Can’t rescue invisible colonists.
  68. Fix: Lack of back-compatibility for mods that use old style of defining offsets in FocusStrengthOffset_BuildingDefs.
  69. Fix: Caravan food auto selection gives rotting food higher weight.
  70. Fix: Sick pawns falling out of bed because of trying to do meditation for joy.
  71. Fix: Errors on viewing bestowing quest while target pawn is not spawned.
  72. Fix: Uncapitalized first letters in some paragraphs.
  73. Fix: Arrested Refugee Leader can not be sold, leaves to unusual behavior.
  74. Fix: The mouse-attachment that indicates what resource is contained in areas found by ground-penetrating radars should show even when the area is fogged (such as under a mountain).
  75. Fix: Setting the butchering or mining yield to a high value in the custom difficulty settings may not result in actual increased yields.
  76. Fix: Mission shuttles cannot auto loot.
  77. Fix: Taking wake-up to inventory same wording as taking wake-up.
  78. Fix: Non-heat psycasts can be spammed when it shouldn’t be possible.
  79. Fix: GetBuildingDefsForCluster_NewTemp() creates an infinite loop.
  80. Fix: Teetotalers can use drugs normally by using the new gizmos.
  81. Fix: JobGiver_OptimizeApparel.ApparelScoreRaw() reads an uninitialized variable which can lead to some weird behavior especially if there are modded races.
  82. Fix: You can use farskip on the caravan you’re in.
  83. Fix: Received spelt recieved in mood and notification letter for titles.
  84. Fix: SoundDefOf.MeditationGainPsyfocus plays on loop after done meditating.
  85. Fix: Prisoner refugee leaves when refugee quest ends normally.
  86. Fix: Arrested refugees will join the player colony if arrest job is interupted before placing refugee in cell.
  87. Fix: Permit prerequisites are removed even when you don’t have the permit.
  88. Fix: Can banish quest lodgers through character card UI.
  89. Fix: Game breaks if quest lodgers have RunWild mental break.
  90. Fix: Various typos.
submitted by spoolblack to RimWorld

D100 Interesting Weird War II Events and Plot Hooks, Take 3

For those unfamiliar with the genre, the Weird War genre is basically taking a historical war (in this case, WWII) and adding in fantastical or science-fiction elements (If you've watched Indiana Jones, read The Rocketeer, or played either Bloodrayne or Wolfenstein, basically that.)
1) A Jewish deathcamp prisoner attempts to make a golem to kill the Nazis and free his fellow prisoners. However due to unknowingly using clay that was infused with human ashes from the camp's furnace, the negative emotions corrupted the rituals and created a corpse gatherer instead.
2) A batch of dragon eggs is found in Wales. The British military already has plans on using the dragons as weapons against the Axis forces. Potential plot twist is the a Nazi spy has infiltrated the military and is planning on stealing the eggs.
3) The detonation of Trinity results in opening up a portal to another world (Biblical Hell, The Far Realms, or even the Forgotten Realms are all good choices).
4) The US military start fielding weapons that were reversed engineered from wreckage from a UFO crash in Roswell (I know the crash happened two years after the war ended, but work with me here.)
5) Nazi zombies... 'nuff said.
6) A allied soldier is struck by a bullet that lodges in his body. Shortly afterwords he begins hearing a voice in his head. The voice claims to be the bullet and it seems to know things that the soldier cannot of possibly known himself. u/PureLoop
7) A World War I battle is replayed by the ghosts of the dead that participated it, in the middle of a World War II battlefield, causing chaos and confusion among the living. u/PureLoop
8) A single time traveling soldier from after the war returns to prevent the loss of the Allied nations by assassinating Allied leaders. u/PureLoop
9) A poltergeist of unknown origins causes the deliberate misfiring of guns within the confines of rubble that used to be their school. u/PureLoop
10) In order to combat the recently developed biological weapon that is Nazi Zombies, American soldiers become unwitting test subjects of Lycanthropy. u/PureLoop
11) A meteor strikes the heart of a battlefield, causing an enormous explosion. From the crater countless bug like creatures swarm out and attack all living beings near by. Allied and Axis soldiers are forced into a cease fire to defeat the alien foe. u/PureLoop
12) A batch of bad rations cause nightmarish hallucinations for those that ate it. It soon becomes clear the that hallucinations were actually warped premonitions of the eaters fate in the war. u/PureLoop
13) Nazi scientist develop a cannon that ruptures the bonds that hold a soul in place. Unleashing it in battle they destroy an entire allied platoon in one shot, only to be violently torn apart by the vengeful souls. u/PureLoop
14) A decapitated head that appears to be still talking is found in the battlefield. When wind is passed over it's vocal cords it shouts a string of obscenities about Nazi scum and that it will take more than a tank to stop him. Unless the head is destroyed, the soldier remains alive. u/PureLoop
15) Death being overburdened by the war recruits a recently deceased soldier to act as his aid and help him gather the souls from the bodies. The soldier learns that if he does not lift the soul from the body of the mortally injured, they remain alive and in terrible suffering, and thus must choose who among his battalion he has to kill out of mercy. u/PureLoop
16) A Chaplin is the soul survivor of a battle between forces in a small french village. He speaks of a rapture by God who came down and smote all who participated in the heinous war. It comes to light that several of the dead at the battlefield were struck with tremendous force, and have bite marks on their bodies. Eventually it's discovered that the Chaplin was a vampire, though were he is now, no one knows. u/PureLoop
17) Nazi aquatic tanks and APV's suddenly appear on the beaches of Delaware, ushering and new front on the American coast. u/PureLoop
18) Two islands with separate operations occurring on them in the Pacific front begin moving towards one another before colliding. Both islands turn out to be massive sea creatures that then attack one another, utter destroying the armies above them. u/PureLoop
19) In Paris, several off-duty Nazi officers, drunk off of cheap wine, end up getting lost in the catacombs. They inadvertently destroy a shrine or glyphs, resulting in releasing several hundred angry spirits.
20) During the Battle of Hürtgen Forest, several American GIs and German stormtroopers end up becoming the target of a Wild Hunt.
21) A time-traveler, attempting to assassinate Hitler, is captured, and his technology is reverse-engineered to aid the German war effort.
22) The golem of Prague, left dormant until it was needed, is reawakened. u/I_walked_east
23) The head of Bran is buried under the Tower of London and protects England from invasion. The power of the head scuttled the Spanish Armada. Now Nazis plan to steal it in preparation for their invasion. u/I_walked_east
24) The ghosts of victims of Unit 731 are hunted by a sadistic band of exorcists. u/I_walked_east
25) The Spanish fascists find Durandal, the sword of Roland, that has the power to cut mountains. u/I_walked_east
26) The Nazis have captured Baba Yaga, who has been helping the Russian all woman 588th night bombers (aka The Night Witches) repel the German Invasion. u/I_walked_east
27) In the woods surrounding Los Angeles Nazi sympathizers know as the Grey Shirts perform dark rituals at a secret compound. u/I_walked_east
28) At the American naval base on Midway, Private Second Class Leeroy Beck’s last sight as he bleeds out through his slit throat is a Japanese soldier morphing into an exact copy of him, trying to hide a large fox tail within a duffel bag. u/Pretzelbomber
29) Charles de Gaulle was actually a necromancer the entire time, and manages to stall the Germans using the wandering souls of the catacombs. u/OctoyeetTraveler
30) In the face of invasion, occupation, and possible annihilation at the hands of the invading German forces, the elders of a Russian village send their bravest into the forest to meet with the fae folk to make a deal. Will the village be willing or able to pay the price for protection against the Nazis?
31) A Soviet submarine accidentally opens an underwater portal to the Elemental Plane of Water during a nuclear test. The crew must find a way to seal the portal and deal with the creatures that initially made it through. u/JollyGreenStone
32) Elves are found in the Black Forest. The Nazis conspire with the Elves: if the Elves can push back the Russians on the Eastern Front, they'll receive Ukraine and Belarus as a new sanctuary. The Elves agree because they see all humans as inferior and they believe after defeating Stalin they can defeat Hitler. u/JollyGreenStone
33) A mad Nazi doctor in a concentration camp creates lycanthrope soldiers who transform, kill the staff, and take over the village. Invading Allied forces have to save the camp's prisoners from the feral lycanthropes. u/JollyGreenStone
34) On both the Allied and Axis sides, soldiers find themselves unable to die. Made immortal by some strange force which causes them to cling onto death (despite suffering grievous injuries which refuse to heal) all they can do is keep on fighting. Both sides must investigate the cause behind this lest the war never end and devolve into pure, mindless slaughter. u/Sobek6
35) Midway through the war and despite previous reports, the German forces have suddenly gained an advantage. Using new weaponry and possessing new successful approaches to warfare they look set to be unbeatable. It turns out that Germany has finally cracked communications across dimensions and Hitler is receiving advice from alternate versions of himself. (Perhaps there’s room for a version of Hitler that never became the monster history remembers him as to become a potential ally?) u/Sobek6
36) In the Pacific Theater, planes on both sides have been suffering malfunctions on a near regular basis, with both sides accusing each other of sabotage. The malfunctions began after a battle on an unnamed island which ended up destroying a small shrine. Are the malfunctions truly the work of sabotage? Is it gremlins doing what gremlins do best? Or have the island spirits been angered by the desecration of the shrine?
37) The Nazis' occult sciences division have been designing an engine that can run off the souls of the deceased. An Allied spy has been attempting to stall development, but has been reporting that the soul engine is almost ready for deployment in the Russian front. A team must be sent in to extract the spy and either retrieve or destroy the blueprints and the prototype engine. u/Th3R3493r
38) In response to the Polish resistance weaponizing golems with help from kabbalists, the Nazis have been attempting to mass-produce their own golems. So far efforts have been stymied by uncooperative Jewish prisoners, who often sabotage the golems by either making them fragile or programming them to attack their masters whenever they hear German, and the Third Reich's distrusts of "Juden Witchcraft". u/Th3R3493r
39) Due the Japanese's ill-treatment of the Chinese dead in Manchuria, Qui Shen (Chinese wraiths) have been rising in droves and attacking the invading Japanese soldiers. The attacks were originally random, lately they seem to be directed in such a way to be as damaging as possible. Either an exceptionally powerful Qui Shen is leading the attacks, or a powerful fangshi (type of Chinese wizard) has gain control of the undead. u/Th3R3493r
40) Oni are operating as mercenaries in the Pacific theater, selling their services to the highest bidder (typically whoever can offer the best alcohol and the prettiest girls). u/Th3R3493r
41) Having perfected a powerful and easily portable shielding spell, Axis paratroopers are now dropped without parachutes. Holy_Hand_Grenadier
42) Hitler's invasion of England is under way, and the Royal Family has been captured or assassinated. In the country's darkest hour, King Arthur returns, wielding Excalibur. Holy_Hand_Grenadier
43) The UK discovers that the Loch Ness monster is really a plesiosaur and that the bottom of the Loch contains a portal to an alternate Earth ... where dinosaurs still roam. Can the British expedition recover enough resources from this resource rich world to aid the war effort? PutridMeatPuppet
44) The nazi's have perfected an Aryan ritual, thinking it will allow them control over destiny. It instead unleashes an avatar of the demiurge who is rampaging across both frontlines. stamau123
45) Almost an entire batallion of captured Enemy Prisoners of War all spontaneously go catatonic, and then collectively, robotically, begin reciting biblical passages in Olmec, backwards for 3 hours, and 3 minutes every 27 hours and 27 minutes. Every prisoner repeats a different selection of passages and refuses to eat or drink, returning to a catatonic state between cycles. When sedated, additional prisoners fall catatonic and begin chanting where the others left off... those that die continue to move, unless cremated, at which point a new prisoner joins the chorus. MaxSizeIs
46) The metal inside every shell, shell casing, and bullet in Easy Company's ammunition train spontaneously liquified, pooling at the bottom of the containers. The explosives inside were undisturbed. The logistics crew tasked with guarding the train were all struck with dissociative hysterical blindness. MaxSizeIs
47) The local sex workers in the villages nearest the front speak of "La Dame sans merci" wearing a shimmering gown of purest black silk and with a touch capable of freezing a man to death instantly. There have been nine corpsman found dead from an unknown cause within the last 27 days, locally. The sex workers claim it to be her work. MaxSizeIs
48) Our soldiers report sightings of spectral cavalry riding ghost horses during the last battle. The knights wore feathered wings upon thier back. They wiped out all but one member of three platoons, who report as witness. The witness beleives the men were all slashed to death with swords and spears. Autopsy supports this statement. MaxSizeIs
49) An Allied Radio Operator for the 589th Field Artillery Battallion reports receiving requests for artillery strikes calling for a fire mission directly on the calling unit's position a full 24 hours before said unit had actually arrived in the combat zone. The radio-man and a second operator on duty reported details of the battle they heard accurately, before the events actually occured. MaxSizeIs
50) Bomber crews report sightings of unlit and unflagged "Black Bombers" joining thier formation shortly before bombs are dropped, sometimes doubling thier numbers in formation. Missions where such sightings have occured have a 56% higher loss rate than those without these sightings. MaxSizeIs
51) After several hours of listening for enemy radio activity during bouts of heightened ionospheric activty, a handful of Radio Operators develop obsessive compulsions to scrawl out the strangely shaped Hexagramatic runes contained within several Elder Signs. The operators continue to repeat the glyphs until thier fingertips wear off to bloody stumps. MaxSizeIs
52) Eighteen enemy soldiers fall ill and die after desecrating a shrine to an obscure saint in a tiny church a few miles behind the front-lines. A special forces unit of crack troops crossed the lines to help meet and retrieve what they found, only to report the incident. Three of those soldiers found dead were our boys under-cover or were double agents. Just what did they uncover? MaxSizeIs
53) The boffins coming out of SRI in Menlo Park (known in certain circles for powerful 'psychotronic research') have requested OSS (the precursor to the CIA) support for something they're calling Operation MOON WICKET. OSS explains, they need a platoon of soldiers near the front-lines to sit inside a dark water tank for days on end under specific conditions outlined in the mission parameters and to be strictly adhered to! (The common soldiers are to report on thier psychic experiences, despite up until now, never having heard the words: 'psychotronic research') It is critical that the unit's position not be discovered until after the operation has been completed, after which an elaborate counter-intelligence ruse will be perpetrated to obscure any hint of the research-site. The soldiers are told that this is to be their R&R, but the rules are stricter than normal, and punishments for breaking these rules are severe. (Not much of a R&R, if you ask the soldiers, and as the enemy draws closer, internal tension are high.) The OSS spooks, on the other hand, have been told that should the research not be completed before the enemy locates and overruns the village, that the enemy must not be allowed to take any prisoners, alive or dead; whatever the "or dead" part means, the spooks aren't sure. (The pressure is getting to them, which one will crack first?) MaxSizeIs
54) Under orders from the OSS Black branch, upon retaking of the city by US 5th Army Infantry forces, available units must clear out Nazi holdouts in the sewers beneath the Temple of the Magna Mater in Rome, and secure the contents of the temple at all costs; but instead find an infestation of Ghouls, some in SS uniform and armed with automatic weaponry, and seem to be able to dissapear in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately the temple was already looted by the Nazi Karotechia. The contents of the temple could no doubt give the Nazis tools to turn the tide, (should thier occult research be as advanced as the Allies) and possibly allow them to retake much of the ground lost since D-Day. It is imperative that the contents of the temple prior to the Nazi looting be verified in order to gain an understanding of Nazi capabilities. MaxSizeIs
55) According to your most recent orders, Allied Army Airforce planes carrying vital one of a kind equipment, and research personell to support General Chiang Kai-shek in the Chinese Theater's War Effort, crashed somewhere over "The Hump" (The Eastern Himilayas) due to enemy air patrols that shouldn't have been there, according to intellegence. A brief radio message has gotten through, confirming the safety of the pilots; you have been tasked with establishing a hasty expedition to retrieve them and the "package". It is the depths of winter, prey that you and your men do not encounter the dreaded Yeti, or the armed occult forces protecting the secrets of Hidden Shangrala and Kublai Kahn's Pleasure Domes from outsiders; both secret and unknowable threats to a Westerner. MaxSizeIs
56) Dr Moreau's research has been wholeheartedly adopted by the Soviets, creating an entire Regiment of Hybrid Ape-men shock-troops, with Never-Before-Seen Heavy Mechanized-Infantry Weapon systems of a design more advanced than even Axis or Allied Scientists could devise. The truth is, these forces arrived from an alternate future; stop the inciting event from forming a closed-timeloop, and the never-ending fountain of Ape-troops and Super-Science Materiel might stop, and prevent a Future Soviet Union from winning the Cold War (even now a Distant Nightmare Vision in the minds of Allied Oneiromancers; worse even than an Axis victory!) MaxSizeIs
57) Something is destroying Japanese submarines in the pacific at a frightening pace. American warships, equipped with a new sonar technology, have detected an enormous signal that appears to be biological in nature. The size and speed have caused the scientists to speculate about the old stories of giant squids or kraken. PutridMeatPuppet
58) In 1930, Albert Einstein discovers that he is the second reincarnation of Isaac Newton, after a chance encounter with a Romani spiritualist and in the process discovered that Gauss was the first. Guided by his former life's work with Alchemy, he develops the theory on the General Equivalence of Energy Exchange and Matter Creation and launched the search for a rigorous understandings of the underpinnings of High Energy Magicks. In his research, in 1933 Weimar Germany, he is contacted by a war-weary version of his future self, who convinces him he must defect to the United States to avoid a horrific fate. The OSS Black Branch has tasked you, a local operative undercover in Europe to extract Einstein and see him safely to the States; except the current year is 1945; The Black Branch has cryptically warned you that Einstein has been killed sixteen times over numerous timelines, and that it is imperative that he remain unharmed in this one... will the reality of the multiverse tear your sanity apart? MaxSizeIs
59) At sundown on the autumn equinox, 1940; a plucky 20-something female Home Guard volunteer, who up-until-now had not revealed that she was a Witch, managed to hold off a scouting party of at least one Company of German forces in the early days of Unternehmen Seelöwe (Operation Sea Lion), outside the small coastal village of Pepperinge-Eye near Dorsetshire. Her defense bought the small village time to evacuate, (unsupported due to a massive, coordinated assault across the Southern Coast of England by the invading Germans, leading to a general evacuation known as Operation Dynamo II) and for three days and nights engaged the enemy long enough for scattered elements of VII Corps and the 70th Independent Infantry Brigade to arrive. Should the undermanned, undertrained, and under supported Guerilla forces of VII Corps, fail in their defense of the fighting retreat London could have been lost during the Siege. Instead, she (and as it later turned out, other members of the New Forest Coven) helped to bog down the Nazi advance all along their advancing front. Marylinn Myrddin Eglantine-Price was awarded Conspicuous Gallantry Medal for her actions in the battle called "Bedknob Hill". Witnesses report extensive wreckage consisting of household and kitchen items said to be "floating in the air on their own and holding Jerries prisoner, afraid for their lives", as well as dozens of flags and even one bullet-riddled suit of plate-armor! MaxSizeIs
60) An Australian Division has been capturing and training bunyips and releasing them in Asian Jungles for use against the Japanese. Allied forces are instructed to say 'lollipop lick liquor lover like Lillihammer' or anything with a lot of 'L's in it if you hear a bark that sounds like a dog mixed with a walrus as the Japanese forces who do not practice usually do not say 'L's correctly. They are stealthy as the grave and have been seen killing crocodiles with ease. Th3R3493r
61) The Nazi SS Occult research and development have made a "perfect" machine gunner. It is an abomination made of sewn flesh that can hold two hundred kilograms of bullets, two modified MG-42s, is armored to take a large quantity of small arms fire without losing momentum. It lacks a head but has three eyes in their aiming upper arms to aim each gun independently and two sets of arms to reload and fix the machine guns. Where they are getting the bodies are theorized to be one willing living subject and at least 3 undamaged dead bodies. They are questionable loyal to the units and are known to kill friend and foe alike who crosses their lines of fire. Th3R3493r
62) In the early days of the war, both the Germans and Allies made extreme advancements in Optics, driven perhaps by research into early radar prototypes. Progress was also fueled by the need to predict airstrikes before they occur, and the promises of early stage resarch into Applied Occult Prognostication, for both sides. By 1941, two independent programs, codenamed MÍMISBRUNNR and BARONSATURDAY, by the Germans and Allies respectively, were of sufficiently advanced stages as to be applied to the war effort directly. Independently, both sides had realized the importance of extensive pharmaceutical and surgical modification. Should the subject survive the chemical treatments, and surgery, of which denucleation was one important step, the resulting high rates of insanity and chemical dependency eventually led to a curtailment and confinement to asylum of members of both programs before the end of the war. A friend of yours has undergone this procedure, has foreseen the results, and begs you to help them escape their fate. MaxSizeIs
63) War is at a stalemate, both sides are looking for a way to open up new a new front. This brings them to the under dark where both sides try to sway the drow empress to join them. As the drow contemplate wheter to join one side or the other both british and german covert agents wage a shadow war even the drow can't see. AllSeeingCCTV
64) Early on in the war, Himmler and the Thule Society accidentally stumbled across a ritual which allowed them to open portals to other universes. Now the Nazis find their forces bolstered by fascist doppelgangers and malevolent/sympathetic alternative versions of members of the Allied Forces. Rumour has it Hitler himself often seeks audience with a council of versions of himself. Sobek6
65) The Allies begin formalization of a Magician Corps, from priests and rabbis who demonstrably and reliably performed miracles, to so-called "witch doctors", women accused of witchcraft, and American natives rumored to wield their own magic. Some of them don't really have anything truly mystical, while others find that their miracles and magics work so fundamentally different as to interfere with each others' workings. Meanwhile, the Thule Society under Nazi Germany has been regularly unearthing artifacts, which the leadership orders utilized in the war effort without attempting to properly understand each one, leading to mixed and unpredictable results. archDeaconstructor
66) A detachment of advanced Nazi submarines begins raiding the American coast, beaching under the surf and releasing nixes trained as amphibious soldiery. America has its own amphibious horrors as well, though- the Deep Ones, finding their hidden holdings threatened by this new battleground, begin their own off-the-books contributions to the war. archDeaconstructor
67) A shadowy wraith levitates the Shah of Iran and severs his head from his body in broad daylight, days before what would have been the invasion of Iran by Soviet and Allied forces. It is recognized as a kind of specter typically employed by British magicians, and so the full, if still outdated, military might of Iran mobilizes as quickly as it can. It is still crushed, but the Shah's supporters manage to lionize his legacy in the national eye as someone who would have created a more independent Iran up until his death at foreign hands. archDeaconstructor
68) Stregherian witches in both New England and Old Italy call upon their deities to nourish and poison, to send storms and fair weather, and to bring luck and fair fortune to the boys they send to the front lines. archDeaconstructor
69) In the chaos of battle, rifts in time release warriors from centuries past and future. In the Vienna Offensive, Mongols spill out onto the streets and further compound civilian casualties in the confusion. A lone jet fighter from the Pan-Pacific Union spontaneously appears over Japan with weapons white-hot, accidentally taking out two bombers from the Doolittle Raid with charged-particle weaponry before fatally crashing into a third, causing America to mistakenly believe Japan's air superiority and readiness even more powerful than they thought. Small numbers of Ottoman Janissaries are inexplicably found in Greecian cities, helping resist the Italian invasion and later dying to a man in Nazi occupation. archDeaconstructor
70) With British psi intelligence offices having cracked the Enigma code, Alan Turing is brought onto a long-term project few minds have the aptitude for- the development of automated soldiers that could end not only this war, but any war Britain would have to prosecute after. archDeaconstructor
71) Two black American infantry battalions are subjected to vampirism and lycanthropy, respectively, as an initial assessment of the effectiveness of each on logistical, tactical, and strategic levels. There's no way even a word of this can be leaked to anyone back home, though, so they're sent on only the most dangerous, far-reaching covert missions, becoming the bogeymen that every Axis soldier fears. archDeaconstructor
72) The dying Great Clans of Mars can wait no longer, and regrettably must colonize the Earth before the global life support railwork collapses and kills every last Martian. Long-distance radio signals are picked up from Mars, indicating in over thirty Earthling languages that the Martians will offer full military support to whichever faction of primitives can guarantee the most land to the Great Clans. archDeaconstructor
73) Rumor starts spreading about the "seven for one deal"; if you find a pistol magazine with bizarre symbols and untranslatable words on it, load seven rounds, and insert it in your pistol, each of those seven rounds will strike true if it is any way physically possible for them to do so. But after the 7th round is fired, fatal calamity instantly befalls the shooter. Vote_for_Knife_Party
74) Good news: the Army isn't putting saltpeter in the rations to dull your libido. Bad news: they're putting experimental mood adjusters in the rations to get you to associate violence with pleasure, and the squad machine gunner keeps giving you this look while he cleans his weapon... Vote_for_Knife_Party
75) There are no atheists in foxholes, but there sure are a lot of accidental devil worshippers. Demons are having a field day going from fighting hole to fighting hole, ready to cut a deal for survival. Sure, you'll survive the battle, but in the heat of the moment did you think to specify how long? Vote_for_Knife_Party
76) In the highlands of SE Asia, Japanese troops have forced Chinese and British troops to fall back. But something that lives in those mountain passes of the SE Himalayas is mauling the Japanese soldiers at night ... and locals are mentioning the term “Yeti”. PutridMeatPuppet
77) Theories of a Hollow Earth are partially true. Although the Earth is not truly hollow, its more like Swiss cheese with tunnels traveling deep underground and undersea ... and it opens up a new front in the war as both sides scramble to explore these tunnels and move troops thru the core of the Earth to strike at their enemies on the surface. Things take a turn for the weird when both sides encounter species native to these underground travel routes... PutridMeatPuppet
78) An increasingly paranoid Joseph Stalin seeks to recreate the rituals of Koschei the Deathless and become immortal. He has begun to harrase the tribal peoples of Siberea in an attempt to force the secret from them. Patchwork18
79) First contact has been made, and the aliens want... Entertainment? Turns out that they view war as a spectator sport, and start giving out advanced technology to the armies that amuse them the most. Do you try and win their favour? Or perhaps someone should stop them before the war becomes the apocalypse! deadgaiko
80) One day, without warning, every projectile weapon on the planet ceases to function. Guns jam, bombs explode before deployment, even bow strings instantly snap! Chaos ensues as battlefield tactics are forced to adapt. Weeks later, delayed intelligence reaches both sides: The neutral state of Vatican City have discovered a powerful artifact with reality-bending powers... deadgaiko
81) Fiji mermaids are real. They're a boogeyman while out in the Pacific, feeding off those sleeping. The Axis powers are really interested in capturing one alive: They're venom is known to have strange hallucinogenic properties. Thepipe90
82) There is rumors of a circus roaming the Europeon countryside; putting on shows for whoever will take them in for the night. Allied brass thinks they are a bunch of spies. The truth is much worse: The circus is made up of damned souls. The firebreather can do more with fire than just breathe it,The strongman can flip a tank like an end table, and the clowns are ACTUALLY fitting into those tiny cars. All that makeup? Not just to make them look cheery and silly.... Thepipe90
83) The SS’s pagan worship has awakened a lovecraftian eldritch horror TheMarvelMan
84) It turns out Hitler is an alien with immense mind control powers who has hypnotized the axis into starting the war so the world will descend into chaos so it cannot effectively resist the incoming alien invasion. AndreTheSalty
85) Allied scientists unlock humanity's psionic potential. Thanks to a injected serum specially chosen and selected members unlock the power to read minds, throw objects with the power of thought, control others like puppets, and cause enemy's heads to explode. This advantage allows the allies to make huge advances however the germans manage to reverse engineer the serum, giving it to their own men. This results in the war becoming even more brutal and bloody as these psi troops are produced in increasing numbers. AndreTheSalty
86) Rumors of monsters attacking the Japs in a occupied Philippines has reached the ears of the emperor. They kept saying words like 'aswang', 'duwende', 'magkukulang', and 'tikbalang' among other words that seemed to be more stranger than the next. CAvenir
87) The back of soldiers dog tags suddenly display the name of the person who will kill them. The trouble is, not all of the names belong to enemies. HarshMillennium
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