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About the 211 songs

Hello RBI subredditors!
Before the "Before I begin" message, I just want to say I am indeed new here and very much unsure if this the right place to even post this. If not, just kindly tell me and I will bring down this post.

Before I begin, I just want to make sure I clear something up, I am not making this post as a mean for an update on the original post https://www.reddit.com/RBI/comments/eskvjm/random_electronic_songs_ive_never_listened_to_in/
Furthermore, in the contents of the original was of the OP asking as to why the songs they mentioned in the post are being seen in their Repeat playlist.

However, while looking up these artist I began to find a few unnatural coincidences.

My basic Findings (I'm compiling a collection of pics, or maybe even better a collection of videos to show my point):
In regards with:
Justin Oliver - The few songs on his most played list are Rap such as Clean, Gospel(?) in Daydreaming, and Pop-esque (reminds me a lot of some Andrew H. style) in Open Window. Now keep in mind that Mr. Oliver has some well produced, professionally recorded material, yet on Nov. 6 2019, he uploaded a very basic melody loop with different instruments playing the same line and a 4 on the floor kick. I should note, most of this dude's stuff is blues based on way or another.
Furthermore, his bio explains that he is a professional having performed/being featured on commercials as well as being on American Idol (supposedly season 11, can't find video on it, but can find other performances). Alabama based according to bio page.

**Henry Harris: Education Tremble Paper IS AN UPLOAD.

Judy Wright: Similar to Mr Oliver, Judy Wright has professionally recorded tracks. Her focus seems to be along the lines of Modern Folk and Country. A quick search brought her up on CDBaby and showed an Option to search for other artists from Tennessee.

Louis Tucker: Offbeat Rifle Cat is the only upload, Upload date: 2019

James Rogers: Another blues based musician/songwriter. A little too corny for me, but it gets the idea across. An interesting note, his Spotify page also lists an album, very different with the artist name under Forward Thought, I don't know the relevance of this and decided against pursuing the name as I type this. Mr Rogers last album that seems to be his was last update on 2008, with 2019 having the weird 211 song and the Forward Thought album. This artist is Ontario based.

Jason Wells: A signed rock guitarist with notable local performances as well as headlining performance events and festivals. Music is enjoyable rock, bluesy tone similar to a Rob and The Captain style when reviewing a new guitar. Not really relevant to the post, but once again it is merely a way to get the point across of what type of music they play without you guys having to look it up.

Melissa Phillips: Feebly Witty Pancake is the only upload, Upload Date: 2019

**So about Henry Harris, the weird thing about his Spotify account is that there is an album with 2 songs on it. The album is called Virginia Traditions and is old style country blues, kinda reminds me of what would play inside of a Popeye's fast food store. For those not familiar, just look up On the Bayou, I hate this song with a passion since it played like every 2 hours in the store (ex-employee pre-Chik-fil-A war). Anyways, The Spotify page that this person appears in two songs and shows the only two songs that this person is associated with, the rest of the album is not listed.

I feel like a TL;DR shouldn't be included since this is RBI and all info is necessary, but something tells me that others that are passing by don't want to read something this long.
Therefore, I present TL;DR:
These people are all artists that have recorded their music above an amatuer level, well actually maybe Jason Wells might be an exception, but all songwriting is solid and doesn't sound amateur-ish. In contrast, all 211(adequately named after the fact that they are all 2:11 in length) tracks sound like the default FL Studio patches were used and some compression slapped on top, maybe some reverb as well. Almost all artists are located or associated with the Southern states witht he exception of the Ontario duded who lives in Ontario. All artists have a blues connection.

Now I feel like a few questions may or may not pop up. In order to be prepared with some answers I will provided some questions that I have come up with, as well as TRY to address some questions or hypothesis formed in the comments when browsing the post.

Questions I thought up:

Why the sudden change in genre for these artists?
-I ask myself this and yet I can't bring myself to give a legitamite answer. I've rarely seen artist completely change genres. I've many artist evolve, such as Tool (Their most recent album definately shows this, with less aggressive sections and a more mellow approach) and Megadeth (how they went from straight speed metal to a more Thrash approach when thrash became popular). For non metal references I can think of Beirut. They were a folk group, consting of ukelele, guitars, horns and an accordion, however now they use more modern instruments such as keyboards. however their style is still the same, identical song composure and the like. This makes me think that they didn't change, maybe something else? 

Could this be something similalinked to the Youtube Channel Hijacking?
-Maybe, some people seem to be targeting Youtube accounts with established audiences and been taken over. I heard of this through SOG, and some Foundation Etherium organization. (Doesn't seem to be the Etherium bitcoin people though, more like someone else in their (Etherium's) stead and without their consent either.) 

Why are so many similar sounding tracks appearing on different artist pages?
-Your guess is as good as mine. All have that similar, "Hey guys, I just bought FL Studio Pro, Ima post a few songs!" kind of vibe and using default sound profiles of all VSTs. 

Who is uploading all of these tracks?
-As of Jan 2020, we have to assume that this somethign the artists are doing. Even if that doesn't sound right, we have to accept the fact that these artists uploaded this since we have no concrete evidence of this not being the case. These uploads must be taken as gospel from the uploader (whoever's name is on that account profile). 

Who is producing these tracks?
-That is the question. For all we know some third party is uploading the files to these accounts, but not actually producing them. Above all else, assuming that this becomes as interesting as some other internet cases that are covered online, the most interesting bit is uncovering who is behind the creation of the music and why. 

Some points brought up by other redditors:

ooda706: it's you case similar to this one?, linking to a post about random songs popping up in their recently played. Even though it was answered by OP (flamingo-hoarder) I will address something else outside of original posting means.
-As originally stated by OP, they were wondering about these weird songs and why they were popping up in their recommended, however I want to ask, why are so many similar sounding tracks appearing under different artists? I'm not asking if this is a case of hacked accounts or not, I am asking if this is too much of a coninsidence in order to NOT turn a blind eye. 

asdfasdafas: "Sounds like you account go hacked....."
-Once again, OP has answered this and stated that they are sure that a hacker hasn't hacked into their account. -I have to agree with flamingo-hoarder, why would a hacker falsely add random songs to their history? Maybe it would make more sense if the artists accounts were hacked. But then again, why would there be so many accounts hacked and only one song uploaded on them. These are the few that were mentioned, I think there were a few more songs posted, I just never bothered to check them out, I feel like I would get similar findings. -Also why would one put one song onto many accounts instead of taking over one account and uploading all to them? Is it for a lower profile, to avoid connecting the dots easily and getting a hold of the user? All questions that I have no answer to, and hopefully someone can shed some light on the situation. 

Now in the beginning, I said that I am making a collection that highlights my findings and will be posted as a comment on this post.
I will once again reiterate, that if the mods say that this is not RBI material, I will remove it as per their demands.

Edit: Removed a question, and numbering of a few questions as well as extraneous symbols, specifically '\' or was it '/'; it was a few slashes to put it simply
submitted by polito4547 to RBI

International Man of Being Broke

Hi StudentLoans. I'm sure my abrupt and slightly odd first post makes it clear that I'm new here. But, it is all for the sake of getting as much advice as I can, for as long as I can.
As a last-minute miracle, deciding in February that I wanted to graduate this year a Junior, my dream University in Paris, France, ESCP, has accepted me into their program. Business in Management, 3-year program over three countries. France, Italy, Germany. It sounds all good and great, I was very happy to receive the news! But alas, comes the dark turn in the story.
See, much to my dismay, ESCP is only an accredited school to institutions in Europe (I.e. EQUIS) and not with the Board of Education here in the US. As a lower-middle-class American, this makes it very difficult as I cannot receive FAFSA support (I'm in the process of filling out my FAFSA anyways, in the event something changes) in any form.
To make matters worse, all the scholarships I've been applying to since last year? They all require the input of the school I'm attending from a list of accredited schools. This isn't the professional source, but it contains the same names of schools in France that all the major websites and banks offer loans for. Not having my school on the list instantly means ineligibility, according to many of the sites. I assume they do this because they are scholarships that they send to the schools, as opposed to grants. Hell, even the pride-and-true "private loan" services I run into have the exact same procedure. Makes me wonder why anyone could see much of a difference.
Yearly tuition, for non-French nationals:€22,500
The aid this university IS offering, however, is the ever-so-common exoneration scholarships "based on financial need". I send them the financial information of my household, and I can get up to 50% exonerated from my tuition, which I re-apply to each year. The first year, they told me I am eligible for 70%, due to the pandemic (which helps). The following years are all dependent, regardless on the fact that I will be living alone and receiving $0 from family in assistance, on my family's income as well as mine.
ESCP does not offer housing. They do not offer grants. They have partnered with a French bank to give <1% interest on loans, but it is exclusively for French Nationals (loans in general, not just the special deal). I simply need to live in a one-bedroom studio, they go on average € 600 a month.
TL;DR I am going to business school for $12000 per year but I can't find any loan or funding options because Europe =/= America.
#1So far, as I have been working nonstop since January before the pandemic (at a quite nice paying restaurant job), I will have saved up a total of $5000 by the end of May. In order to accept my enrollment into the school, I have to pay €2500 euros of my year one's tuition by June 29 (I negotiated from the original date, which would have been MAY 11, two weeks after being accepted). Assuming that the minimum salary working minimum wage in Paris is €1500 (roughly), I can certainly survive working full-time and doing school full-time with enough space between year one and two. That is the option better in the long-run, where I will not have to carry any debt for the first year at least. However, money will be tight, and I will be saving every dime for when I switch countries the next year and have to start all over with a new job and housing arrangement.
#2I live in a very wealthy town (Naples, FL), and have worked among wealthy people in all the work experience I have gained over the years, even with some of the wealthiest people in the world. I don't intend to come across as condescending, it is just a plain observation I have made. My wealth nor status does not compare to the size of some of these people's careers. I've managed to get names and vague mentions that I may be able to meet with some connections, but otherwise I've been sticking to the internet to expand my network in terms of my education and funding (thanks corona). I may get lucky and someone may throw me a bone and offer me a grant for schooling. Or, one of you may know somebody with such ambitions/foundations/etc.
#3Perhaps there are businesses out there who offer decent loans for students in my predicament, and hate to make themselves known on the inter webs. If this is the case, I would greatly appreciate some direction towards those organizations. I would at least want to take out a loan for year one, and work to pay off the rest of my education.
A strange man in a trench coat PMs me that so long as I meet him and his van downtown at 11 at night that he'll pay for my college and potentially throw some candy into the deal. I don't know if I will be able to resist this offer.
TL;DR#2 I can:
  • Join the Rat-Race, work full-time
  • Ask the CEOs for money
  • Find Phantom Loan Company
  • ???????
EDIT: Clarity. I'm looking for funding options, and ideas. Yes, I have the alternative of taking the typical path among my peers of going to UF/UCF/USF with my undergraduate paid for by the state, but the remainder is basically the same as ESCP, but now with the ability to take loans.
submitted by PUTCKG to StudentLoans

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