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Share your thoughts on Laguz in Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, how they evolved and how they compare with other form changers in the series.

I've submitted a similar topic on Serenes Forest and wanted to see if your thoughts are similar, different or complementary with theirs.
Overall: Transformation gauges and management, stones, Laguzguard/Boercguard, stats (bases, growths, caps, playable units in the classes), interaction with the weapons available and class usefulness (do they deal effective damage? do they do something better than a Beorc/human class? like tanking, doubling, dodge tanking, OHKOing...), but also availability (do they have a good availability? do they fit in the team when you recruit them or is your team already long set when you get access to them because they come too late?), ease to use/level up if they need more stats for later in the game (BEXP, CEXP, side maps, are paralogues/side maps needed to level them up?), what they contribute to the team at base, with a little investment, with a full seat in your team, with favoritism.
Personnally I like Manaketes but find them a little annoying with their very limited dragonstone uses (even in Awakening Nowi starts 10x worse than Myrrh in TSS and doesn't gain exp and stats fast enough to justify using her without heavy grinding and/or allowing Spotpass Dragonstone +, before you unlock a 2nd dragonstone AFTER you beat one of the hardest early bosses in the series, Gangrel, who doubles 75% of your units, hits res when your best res units are nearly one rounded by him for a like 15 levels and can't damage him in return, and you don't even get to promote more than 2 units before getting to Gangrel if you don't get lucky master seals from Anna's shops, it's like fighting Carcino's sage leader without Seth instead of Novala in TSS chapter 6 to be honest, especially if you don't use pair up the fight is nearly impossible even in normal mode unless you have rally speed on Sumia already and an unit with enough stats to survive and kill Gangrel+ survive all the units that have the same movement range as him). I find maxed Kurthnaga better than any other dragon-type unit, he should just join 15 levels higher with actual base stats like Giffca or at least like Muarim.
I like Laguz but think they could've been executed better in both games. In POR I find the lack of counter in human form and the absence of gauge management crippling and boring, on top of shitty weapons that never upgrade. In RD, I find that they should have their halfshift stats in human form instead, and wield a Beorc weapon, one for each Laguz type, so that they stay relevant when they're not fully transformed but not dominant since their stat caps wouldn't allow them to wipe the floor with ennemy organs as Haar does for the whole game, although gaining huge stat boosts in full form wouls till make them relevant.
I think it could even have completely replaced 3rd tiers: instead of having player only overpromoted classes and having to make their defensive caps hot garbage to make up for the 0.5 tier difference with late game super t2, they could have made them transform with Laguz stats and caps once shifted so you'd have bursts of power better than t3 for a few fights/turns and then go back to t2.
I like other form changers too but think there's too much wasted potential and going backwards with Fates formshifters: Kaden and Keaton LOOSE def by wielding their default weapon...wait what? How did it even get through to the final product? loosing def with their max rank weapon that hits hard and makes them even faster would be OK (if they removed the stupid offensive drawback on top of it), but not on the base weapon, especially not when you recruit them in chapters where Kaden is 2HKOd by nearly everything in hard mode, and where Keaton is chased after by flying units with bows he can't counterattack against and on a map without the room to manoeuver, on top of being doubled by the Kinshi knights who are close to ORKOing him in hard IIRC.
Also, why even make 5 move beast type units? delete their promotion, give them 40 levels and class innate bonuses from the get go, 7 or 8 move like every beast unit in the game, and skills just like dancewitch/any DLC class at 1, 10, 25 an 35. They'd probably be what they're supposed to be if they were handled like that, and not subpar foot units without 1-2 range who also need a human promotion item for some fckd up reason that makes no sense (well story makes no sense in Fates anyway) and loose stats by wielding any of the 3 weapons they can use in their legit class.
Also, if Kaden was meant to be an anti mage unit with average strength and a weak weapon, why didn't they fully embrace Ninetails' Japanese background and made them magic units? that would probably be much more cohesive with Kaden and Selkie's 2nd class option, their skills and the role they're supposed to fill. Also a mage with HP and mobility would be a real asset in a team, and Kaden would completely blow Kaze from the surface of Earth if he was magically oriented, better move type, better HP, better base stats, better phyical tanking without pair up mule abuse due to higher HP, better class bonuses, hitting res in BR...magic is crap in Fates anyway, might as well have a good unit hitting on the magical side...also, having a werebear (yes I think Uhfedin are more like Diablo 2 Werebear than general Werewolf, they literally look like a bulky demonic beast and they're slow) that shares the same weapons as a ninetails is IMO the most shitty decision they made in Fates. If they had the beaststones for Kaden and the beastrune and a beastrune + for Keaton, they could've removed the criplling drawbacks since Kaden already has low def and Keaton already doesn't double much.
I also think their mimicked skills are really bad game design. Why give them their only useful skill bar beastbane at level 35? you have enough potential healers to have 1 per fighter anyway, might as well have a useful level 25 skill, and honestly I find that Uhfedin should have gotten the skill "Savage blow" since it's precisely what they do, meanwhile Ninetails could have gotten a skill like the one on FEBuilder, don't remember the name, that recovers 20% HP to all allies in a 2-3 tiles radius after defeating an ennemy. This would definitely fit better to the theme of each beast type and of each game, Nohr being aggressive and invading Hoshido, while Hoshido is full of healers and enjoying the pleasures of life. As it is, their level 35 skill is a good skill that has no reason to be on these classes and that you barely benefit from in game since you rarely get a formshifter to level 35 in the main game when they can't counter ranged attacks.
(With Fates crippling exp system I'd even make the t2 skills level 21 and 30, it's not like anyone uses level 15 skills when they don't even hit the required level before the last 2 chapters if ever unless they're called Jakob, Felicia, Gunter, Camilla, Ryoma, Xander, Reina, Scarlet, Sura or Leo, since most players don't even use the optional units that require going out of your way to even recruit, namely Izana, Yukimura, Flora and LOLRevelationsOnly Fuuga, and you won't get to 15 with more than 3 of these prepromotes anyway on a normal no grind playthrough).
In Awakening, Manaketes are annoying: Nowi has trash base stats and her GR are inferior to Donnel's, Nah needs Nowi to be used at least as a stat backpack to even exist and Tiki, the only one really worth getting needs you to get out of your way to recruit her after 2/3rds of the game are behind you already. Taguel aren't much better even if they join in a better way: Panne can join action immediately and is better than most of your units at this point, gains a second stone BEFORE Gangrel's chapter (which is more useful than getting it after it) and should largely have gotten beastbane before you start facing heavy cavalry focused formations in Valm, too sad she doesn't unlock Beaststone + before like the end of Valm, she could have benefitted a lot from it in the absurd Valm map design consisting in throwing entire waves of ennemies at you in a wide open terrain or throwing same turn reinforcement falcos at your rearguard in maps where you don't have the room to make a defensive formation against freely roaming flyers who ORKO your weaker units.
Also, 25 or 26 speed boss Valkyrie in chapter 16 NORMAL is no joke if you don't use pair up. Beaststone + could let her double and maybe ORKO the boss which is on a horse and has decent evade without needing grinding for her to accomplish that. I think Panne should have been the Rutger of FE 13 but as usual with that game, IS failed to grasp what makes an unit worth using.
Why should I play Vaike when instant promoting Gregor gives me a better unit for axes, Frederick has D axes at base and better stats for 9 chapters etc.?
Why should I use Panne when I get Sully with 7-8 movement, better res, insane promo gains because for some reason promoted horses have much higher bases than unpromoted ones, better res, better weapons, decent enough skills for their role (discipline is quite OP actually, I'd rate it 8/10 only because once you hit A in all your weapon ranks, unless you class change, there's little use to the skill and once you've explored all your branches the skill becomes useless, but between veteran that lets you hit 20 long before you can actually promote at all and discipline that lets you use iron, 1-2 range, steel and silver long before anyone else, I believe that discipline is the best skill for the main game by a long shot, and for reclassing it's better to get to D in 10-15 hits than in 20-30 and so on, much more useful than levelling up half faster only if you're given a permanent backpack and doesn't allow you to use better weapons faster when you obviously reclass because the only use of Grandmaster is to be a support unit with Rally spectrum)?
I think I've expressed most of it, you can see my passion for these games from my inability to write short topics/comments.
submitted by mangasdeouf to fireemblem

[Thrills and Treats/Dragonlord Bahamut] JP Megathread (XIV)

Everyone ready for the XIV Bahamut? This banner is part of the Halloween event and also part of the Dragonlord series. Also I hope eveyone has a Happy Halloween!
Halloween collection event where you earn candy to trade in to the shop. XIV Bahamut also releases with this event and a Stroke of the Brush: The Forsaken Extreme dungeon with the boss being Hell House (VII). The last XIV event was 7 months ago (the primals event global just finishined with). The inital reveal and discussion is here.
Thanks to Leyroux and onthefaultline for the translation work, dataminers like ElNinoFr (and other I'm sure), and S0litair3d as always for the posts on GameFaqs that allows me to do these and also thanks to Pyrotios for always checking my work and helping make sure these things are accurate.

Recent JP Megathreads

Clash of Gunblades (VIII) The Ultimate Magic (II) Confounded Memories (VI) Fat Black Chocobo: Radiant Magicites A Tender Melody Dedicated to You (IV) Fat Black Chocobo: A Howling Forgery (FBC) Dragonlord Bahamut (Event) Confounded Memories (X) Recalling the Blue Light (IX) The Enduring Transparent (VII)

Fantasy Fest 2020

Megathread Relics

Helpful Links

General JP Version Information FFRK Community Database AASBs without En-Element and where to get it (RunAwayWojo)

Thrills and Treats/Dragonlord Bahamut

Event start time: 31/10 15:00 JST
New True Arcane Alphinaud
New Sync Yda, Haurchefant, Thancred
New Limit Overflow Haurchefant
New Awakening Thancred
New Arcane Overstrike Thancred
New Ultra Thancred, Yda
New Flash Art+ Yda, Thancred
New LMR+ Haurchefant
New Record Boards:
  • Yda
  • Thancred
  • Cid (XIV)
Record Board Abilities:
  • Yda: "Unseen Tackle" PHY(Monk): 6x single Fire.
  • Haurchefant: "Circle of Scorn" PHY(Knight): 4x single Holy/Ice; party 10% DR1.
  • Thancred: "Dream within a Dream" PHY/NIN(Ninja/Ninjitsu): 4/5/6x single Earth/Wind/Poison based on 0/1/2 PBlink; self PBlink1 (stacking).
FFXIV Relic Draw Stamp Sheet (Banner 1 only)
  • 1: 5000 Gysahl Greens
  • 2: 50 of each 4* Mote
  • 3: Yda's Moonfire Liberator Lyse Dress Record
  • 4: 50 of each 5* Mote
  • 5: 1 Artifact Stone
  • 6: 15000 Gysahl Greens
  • 7: 10 of each Crystal
  • 8: 100 of each 5* Mote
  • 9: 10 of each Crystal
  • 10: 1 Yda, Haurchefant or Thancred Relic

Relic Draw Banners

Banner 1
Relic Type Character Soul Break/Legend Materia
Mimesis (Stat/CT/Cost) Book (Wind+) Alphinaud True Arcane: "Final Disaster" (NAT: Instant self En-Wind (stacking), BDL+1, "True Arcane Augment Mode", ZSBC).
Scion Liberator's Attire (DMG/CT) Light Armor (Fire+) Yda Synchro: "Second Partner" (PHY: 15x single Fire/NE; self En-Fire (3 stacks), Synchro Mode, BDL+1, "Deep Meditation Mode").
Aettir (DMG/CT) Sword (Holy+) Haurchefant Synchro: "Passage of Arms" (PHY: 15x single Holy/Ice/NE; party 40% DR1; self En-Holy (3 stacks), Synchro Mode, BDL+1, "Silver Fuller Mode").
Spurs of the Thorn Prince (DMG/CT) Dagger (Earth+) Thancred Synchro: "Assassinate (XIV)" (PHY/NIN: 15x single hybrid Earth/Wind/Poison/NE; self Synchro Mode, BDL+1, "Tri-Element Mode III", "Assassinate").
Priwen (DMG/CT) Shield (Holy+) Haurchefant Limit Overstrike: "Last Bastion" (PHY: 5x single piercing critical Holy/Ice overflow).
Dreadwyrm Cyclas of Scouting (DMG/CT/Use) Light Armor (Earth+) Thancred Awakening: "Tremor" (PHY/NIN: 15x single Earth/Wind/Poison/NE; self "Awoken Ninja Mode", BDL+1, "Tri-Element Mode", "Dual Suppression").
Scion Rogue's Gaskins (DMG/Cost) Light Armor (Earth+) Thancred Arcane: "Hakke Mujinsatsu" (PHY: 20x single ranged Earth/Wind/Poison, 1x single ranged Earth/WindPoison overflow).
Dreadwyrm Daggers Dagger (Earth+) Thancred Ultra: "Rogue Trick Attack" (PHY/NIN: 10x single hybrid Earth/Wind/Poison/NE; self HQC1, "Tri-Element Mode II", "Relentless Armor Crush").
Rising Suns Fist (Fire+) Yda Ultra: "Enlightenment" (PHY: 10x single Fire/NE; self En-Fire (stacking), Monk Damage +30%, QC).
Dreadwyrm Claws Fist Yda Flash+: "Riddle of Fire" (NAT: Instant self En-Fire (stacking), IC1, ZSBC).
Shire Knives Dagger Thancred Flash+: "Kassatsu" (NAT: Instant self "Tri-Element Mode II", HQC1, ZSBC).
Dreadwyrm Shield Shield Haurchefant LMR+: "Swiftness (Haurchefant)" (Chase 3 Knight: self QC3).
Banner 2
Relic Type Character Soul Break/Legend Materia
Clarion (DMG/CT) Sword (Wind+) Alisaie Synchro: "With Heart and Steel" (BLK: 15x single Wind/Lightning/NE; self Synchro Mode, BDL+1, "Twin Element Mode III", "Black Mana", "Ver Mode").
Eorzea's Blade (DMG/CT/Use) Sword (Lightning+) Alisaie Awakening: "Embolden Combo" (BLK: 15x single Wind/Lightning/NE; self "Awoken Scion Red Mage Mode", BDL+1, "Twin Element Mode", "Embolden"; party Weakness Damage +30% 1 turn).
Scion Striker's Attire (DMG/CT/Use) Light Armor (Fire+) Yda Awakening: "Fire Tackle" (PHY: 15x single Fire/NE; self En-Fire, "Awoken Monk Mode", BDL+1, "Windborn Swiftness Mode").
Almace (DMG/CT/Use) Sword (Holy+) Haurchefant Awakening: "Fortemps Authority" (PHY: 15x single Holy/Ice/NE; party ATK/MAG/DEF/RES +30%, "Fortemps Authority"; self En-Holy, "Awoken Knight Mode", BDL+1).
Sword of the Twin Thegns (Stat/DRB1/Use) Sword (Holy+) Minfilia Awakening: "Word of the Mother" (NAT: Instant party 6k Stock, Protect, Shell, Haste, 25% SB Boost 3; self "Awoken Oracle of Light Mode").
Sharlayan Custodian's Coat Light Armor Minfilia Chain: "Scions of the Seventh Dawn" (NAT: Instant party ATK/MAG/DEF/RES+30%, XIV 99-chain, 50% XIV Field, IC1).
Duelist's Tabard Light Armor Alisaie Ultra: "Vermage" (BLK: 10x single Wind/Lightning/NE; self "Twin Element Mode II", IC1, "Red Mana Mode").
Ancile Shield Haurchefant Ultra: "Fortemps Blade" (PHY: Instant 10x single Holy/Ice/NE; party Guts, 50% DR1; self En-Holy).
Midan Coat of Fending Light Armor Minfilia Ultra: "Entrusted Wish" (NAT: Instant single DEF/RES/MND -70%; party HQC2, 50% DR1).
Shire Rapier Sword Alisaie Flash+: "Vercure" (WHT: Instant party h55 Medica, 2k Stock; self Zero SB Cost).
Shire Shield Shield Haurchefant Flash+: "Iron Will" (NAT: Instant party 50% DR1; self En-Holy(stacking), Zero SB Cost).
Shield of the Twin Thegns Shield Minfilia Flash+: "Acquired Oath" (NAT: Instant party Regenga, ZSBC).
Note: Bolded relics are new.
Available videos of the new relics SBs are linked to the relic names.
Modes and Notes
Banner 1
  • Alphinaud's True Arcane:
    • "True Arcane Augment Mode": BDL+1/2 for second activation if at least 100001/300001 damage is dealt.
    • "Last Disaster": (SUM: 20x single Wind/NE, 1x single Wind/NE overflow; self Remove "True Arcane Augment Mode").
  • Yda's Synchro:
    • Attack (Monk) "Ashen Crushing Fist": (PHY: 6x single Fire/NE).
    • Defend (Monk, 0/1/2 Chakra) "Forbidden Chakra": (NAT: Instant self Fire Ability Damage +9/15/30%, Chakra=0).
    • Defend (Monk, 3 Chakra) "Forbidden Chakra": (NAT: Instant self [Fire Ability Damage +50%, BDL+1] 1, Chakra=0).
    • "Deep Meditation Mode": Self TCast Fire, Chase ALLY Fire: (PHY: 1x single Fire/NE; self Chakra+1. Remove "Deep Meditation Mode" after user does 2 Fire abilities).
  • Haurchefant's Synchro:
    • Attack (Knight) "Blade Within": (PHY: 6x single Holy/Ice/NE. Higher multiplier under DR).
    • Defend (Knight) "Paladin's Veil": (PHY: 3x single Holy/Ice/NE; party 50% DR1).
    • "Silver Fuller Mode": Chase DR Removal: party 2k Stock. Remove after 3 Chases; self "Passage of Arms".
    • "Passage of Arms (1/2+ XIV hero alive)": Self [Holy Abilitiy Damage +30/50%, IC] 3.
  • Thancred's Synchro:
    • Attack (Ninja) "Assassin's Blade": (PHY/NIN: 6x single hybrid Earth/Wind/Poison/NE).
    • Defend (Ninja) "Blade Ascension": (PHY/NIN: Instant 1x single hybrid Earth/Wind/Poison/NE; self Ninja Ability Damage +30% 3).
    • "Tri-Element Mode III": En-Earth/En-Wind/En-Poison (2 stacks).
    • "Assassinate": Chase 3 Sync: Conditional En-Element.
  • Thancred's Awakening:
    • "Awoken Ninja Mode": Unlimited Ninja hones; rank boost (Ninja); auto WCast Ninja.
    • "Tri-Element Mode": En-Earth/En-Wind/En-Poison.
    • "Dual Suppression": Chase Ninja: (PHY/NIN: 2x single hybrid piercing Earth/Wind/Poison).
  • Thancred's Ultra:
    • "Tri-Element Mode II": En-Earth/En-Wind/En-Poison (stacking).
    • "Relentless Armor Crush": Chase Ninja: (PHY/NIN: 4/6/8x single hybrid Earth/Wind/Poison/NE based on 0/1/2 PBlink).
  • Thancred's Flash+:
    • "Tri-Element Mode II": En-Earth/En-Wind/En-Poison (stacking).
Banner 2
  • Alisaie's Synchro:
    • Attack (Black Magic, with Black Mana) "Black Mana Burst": (BLK: 6x single Fire/Wind/Lightning/NE, 1x single Fire/Wind/Lightning/NE overflow; self REMOVE Black Mana).
    • Attack (Black Magic, no Black Mana) "Black Mana Burst": (BLK: 6x single Fire/Wind/Lightning/NE).
    • Defend (Black Magic) "Jolt II": (BLK: 3x single Wind/Lightning/NE; self Black Magic Ability Damage +30% 3 turns).
    • "Twin Element Mode III": En-Wind/Lightning(2 stacks).
    • "Ver Mode": Chase 4 Sync Abilities: (BLK: 15x single Wind/Lightning/NE; self "Black Mana").
  • Alisaie's Awakening:
    • "Awoken Scion Red Mage Mode": Unlimited Black Magic/White Magic hones; rank boost (Black Magic/White Magic); auto WCast Black Magic/White Magic.
    • "Twin Element Mode": En-Wind/Lightning.
    • "Embolden": Chase 2 Black Magic/White Magic: Party Weakness Damage +30% 1 turn.
  • Yda's Awakening:
    • "Awoken Monk Mode": Unlimited Monk hones; rank boost (Monk); auto WCast Monk.
    • "Windborn Swiftness Mode": Chase 1/2/3 Monk: Casting Speed x2/3/4, Monk Damage +10/20/30%.
  • Haurchefant's Awakening:
    • "Awoken Knight Mode": Unlimited Knight hones; rank boost (Knight); auto WCast Knight.
    • "Fortemps Authority" (1 XIV hero alive): Party 50% DR1.
    • "Fortemps Authority" (2-3 XIV hero alive): Party 50% DR1, Weakness Damage +15%.
    • "Fortemps Authority" (4+ XIV hero alive): Party 75% DR1, Weakness Damage +30%.
  • Minfilia's Awakening:
    • "Awoken Oracle of Light Mode": Unlimited Knight/Support hones; rank based QC Knight/Support; Chase Knight/Support: Party QC1.
  • Alisaie's Ultra:
    • "Twin Element Mode II": En-Wind/Lightning(stacking).
    • "Red Mana Mode": Chase Status Removed: (BLK: 10x single Wind/Lightning/NE. Multiplier increases with each Chase).
B1: Wow...12 new relics. It's been a while since we had an all new banner. Of course the biggest thing here is Thancred getting Poison Ninja gear and HA. Bio isn't dead...just very delayed and out one agonizing piece at a time. Too bad none of his gear has Poison+ on it but hey we can't ask for everything right? Also note that his new UOSB is only physical so no breaking the game with a Ninja magical 20+1 UOSB. Oh and Cid does get his Record Board but still no AASB for him. Maybe next fest or in 7 more months with the next XIV event. Also Yda's sync gives us a new effect where is chases Fire abilities done by allies which gives the chakra so you might want to wait for allies to use enough for 3 Chakra before your actions. Overall, all new relics is hard to pass up on especially since this realm is so rare, so you'll probably want to pull here if you want XIV physical stuff.
B2: If you're pulling here instead of B1 it's because you want more Alisaie stuff or Minfilia chain/support. Overall, it's not a bad banner with repeats of the stuff from the last event and the Minfilia stuff from Glory fest 3 months ago but B1 is better in almost all cases.
There's also an upcoming Eiko Lucky (First Pull Half Price). Here's what it has:
  • Eiko AASB2
  • Eiko AASB1
  • Eiko UOSB (Holy+ Hat)
  • Eiko USB4
  • Eiko USB2
  • Eiko Flash+1
  • Eiko Flash+2
If you spot any mistakes or have suggestions on how to improve the quality of my guides, feel free to comment here and I'll do my best to address them ASAP!
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