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Chapter 5: Cooking with Tom

Tom, as is his species in general, is new to the galactic stage and the weirdness that comes with all these new species. Despite his reservations towards a species that uses fire for practically everything, he can’t help but ask this strange human more and more questions. That this would lead to a lasting friendship and an invitation to this pyromaniac beings house, he could not have predicted.
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------------------------------------ ε ------------------------------------
They had decided to take the scenic route back to human George´s place. The inner city had a few statues of famous people, arranged as a centerpiece to the winding roads and alleys. Tom even saw the first ambassador among the lineup of mostly human inventors, the first of his people to talk with the greater Galactic community.
Small shops attracted a bustling crowd, selling everything and nothing. The architecture was imitating the early human cities. Few buildings reached higher than 3 stories and plants were used to break up the roads and buildings made from the sintered regolith of the Asteroid they lived inside. A cool breeze tussled Tom´s fur as leaves crunched satisfyingly under their feet.
The great telescope cloud was finally online, producing its first set of data. At the moment they animatedly discussed the latest anomaly one of the data miners discovered. It was top secret information, which meant that everyone and their mother knew about it.
“I keep telling you, it has to be a glitch.” Tom was exasperated. He just wanted to be back inside in the relative safety of a house sized lifepod.
“And what if it isn’t? Maybe it will give us new insights into microblackhole creation.”
“You are way too confident. Do you want them to blow up another trillion credits worth of equipment that much?”
Human George didn’t even breathe in his excitement, completely ignoring Tom´s valid concerns. “The few credits would mean nothing if we manage to perfect the system. Just think about the possibility of energy storage or what taming them for propulsion would mean.”
Tom scoffed at that. Such innovations were still way out of reach. “Dreamer. Let’s just wait and see what the experts say.”
They had left the bustling city a while ago and were walking the winding pathways of the residential district. Still deep in discussion, they didn’t notice that they had already arrived. Tom was following human George´s lead as he walked right past his own doors.
Taking the short walk up to his house, human George kept talking while searching for his key. Very nearly missing the small cleaning droid with a knife taped to its side. The small cluster of carved pumpkins concealed it perfectly, only a warning glint of metal gave its position away.
Grumbling the rest of the way, he fished out a card as they made their way up the stairs.
Keeping the droid in his sight Tom hesitantly voiced his concerns. “I honestly don’t know if I will ever understand your race. I saw one of these at work today, it seems to be some kind of human tradition?”
“Don’t sweat the small stuff. Anyway, here we are.”
With a swipe of his card the door to human George’s apartment slid open. While it was fashioned to look like a typical villa of the Victorian era, the visible part was really just the tip of the iceberg. Should an emergency occur, the house would disengage and slide out of its place on the gigantic O´Niels hull. The airlocks on door and window were capable of withstanding even the void of space.
Quickly walking in through the double doors, Tom felt safer again. On the left stood a bench with a few fluffy pillows, taking up most of this side of the small lobby. The other side was occupied by some exotic plants, nearly covering the view outside.
“Have the old ones withered again? God damn it.”
The following shout of human George startled Tom out of his thoughts. “Honey! I´m home! And I brought a guest.”
One of the many doors further down the hallway opened, revealing a slender Va´an wearing a red and white apron. She towered over the both of them, nearly a head taller than even Tom. Her lean legs quickly moved her closer in a graceful float. Four arms embraced human George, two still covered in oversized oven mittens.
After some kisses on rocky hide and pink flesh respectively, could the introductions begin.
“Tom, this is my wife Inali, Inali, this is Tom.”
Giving him a very human grin, Inali welcomed Tom in their house. “Nice to meet you. It is good to see my husband still having a knack for making fast friends. Sometimes I worry if there is even enough space in our home to house them during parties. Speaking of, will you be here tomorrow as well?”
“Is there some kind of festivity tomorrow?”
Pushing a stray crystal hair out of her sight, Inali beckoned him into the house proper. “Tomorrow is Halloween. A human tradition with murky origins. Human George had so much fun decorating the house. How do you like it?”
“I was honestly at a loss.” Stopping in horror he choked out “Are those supposed to be human remains?”
She chuckled. “Yes, but don’t worry. They are made in a factory, though I suppose they are made out of ossein and carbonated hydroxyapatite. They are supposed to better capture the spirit of the decoration, as they are made of the same stuff as the real deal.” She looked at me and rolled her eyes.
“Imagine my surprise waking up one morning, lying next to a human skeleton.”
“Your screams were worth it.”
She narrowed her eyes at him. “Yours were as well.”
“Point taken.” His bright smile made her punch him in the shoulder. Fleeing with laughter they reached the kitchen. Tom followed after some contemplation, leaving the dark oak hallway.
The couple stood in the middle of a brightly lit kitchen, hugging and kissing before struggling apart. Human George was laughing, trying to keep her in his arms. “What are you making? It smells divine in here!”
“Will you let me go! We have a guest.” He gave her another kiss.
She gave out an exasperated sigh. “If you continue with this, I will reconsider having pancakes tomorrow morning!”
Human George finally let go. “I will behave!”
He let her go and took purposeful steps over to one corner of the room. There he bent down to take a look through a glass pane which was set in a part of a low wall. Tom on the other hand didn’t know what to make of all the different tools and utensils hanging from walls and filling cabinets.
“I´m preparing a Tlor´p for tomorrow. Today we will eat the leftovers of the last few days. Don’t think you can get away this time, by magicking up something else!” The playful threat was uttered by picking up a butcher’s knife.
Carefully, human George took it from her hands. “Better be a good husband and eat that then.”
The entire time Tom stood and watched the interaction play out. He didn’t know Humans or Va´an for that long and nearly intervened a couple of times, but it all went well in the end.
Human George spoke again. “When will the Tlor´p be finished you think? I wanted to bake some cookies with Tom.”
“Should be done soon. I just added the last pour of stock.” Hanging up her apron she looked at the clock. “Give it 10-20 min and it should be fine. I still need to prepare the attic, please call me when the Tlor´p is finished.”
“K, see you later.”
Inali put away her apron and waved them both goodbye. While Tom crouched before the oven with a complicated expression, human George went to the fridge and opened two rather large beer for the two of them.
“I thought the Va´an were herbivorous. How come she´s cooking an animal?”
Human George gave a snort at that. “Just because she is vegetarian doesn’t mean she can´t prepare something for other people. The guests tomorrow are mostly human and let me tell you, most of us really love meat.”
Handing a cold one to him and taking a sip from the other he began. “Now, the first thing we do in the kitchen is cleaning our hands and get protective equipment.”
“Will things explode?” He was a bit leery after the tall stories his colleagues told him at work. Human ingenuity seemed to be inexplicably linked to explosions and fire.
Laughing it off, his human friend gave him a frilly blue apron. “No, I guess you met some other humans at work? We can get dirty, but that´s it. I believe this is your first time in the kitchen, so for today, why don’t you just observe. Please ask when something seems strange to you.”
He gave a non-committal snort. “I can deal with getting a bit dirty. I believe you saw me eat. I will just wash up afterwards like always.”
After receiving a critical eye from his new friend, he gave up and put on the little piece of fabric and went to wash his arms and paws. He felt rather ridiculous in the frilly cloth. It didn’t even fully cover him. Human George seemed to agree, as he snickered and “sneakily” took a photo.
‘Stay stoic Tom.’
“So, how about I give you a little tour of the kitchen. You already know the oven. It is used to heat up our food. It is pretty essential for human food preparation and will be used today as well.”
Bewilderment crossed his face, quickly replaced with disgust. “You know my species doesn’t like heated anything. It may have lessened in recent generations, but that doesn’t mean we like warm food.”
“Cookies don’t have to be eaten warm. Heat may be used in the production process, but that doesn’t mean it has to be warm when eaten.”
“If you say so.”
“Now, let me tell you what these tools are for.”
Eventually a timer began to beep and the kitchen was cleared. Inali was called and the kitchen was cleared for them. She decided to sit and watch the spectacle. If her hunch was correct, what was about to happen should be good.
------------------------------------ ε ------------------------------------
Uff. This is a chapter and a half. I had to split it up, so it would fit. Don’t want to release a 6000-word mega post at once. I will release the next tomorrow, right after I managed to split the 4000-word monstrosity. There has to be a good break off point…
As you can probably tell, this was meant to be finished for Halloween. No such thing as life to ruin your plans.
If you find any typos, please notify me.
Hope you all enjoy it. Have a great fall.
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submitted by LittleCreepy_ to HFY

October Software Thread

This subreddit used to get the same 10+ questions a day, over and over again of "What software should I use?"

TL;DR - you want DaVinci Resolve Resolve, Hitfilm Express or Kdenlive.

Seriously read this top section

Sorry about this wall of text.

These three things are crucial (spoiler tag to make you read):

  1. Footage type (See below)
  2. Hardware/System specs. Just saying "HD or 4k" doesn't help
  3. Even if you don't want something "fancy", you still need to read this

Much of this comes from our Wiki page on software.

If you get to the end of this post and you need more, check there first.

For example, MOBILE EDITING SOLUTIONS are in the wiki.

Nobody is an expert on all of the tools.

Trying it with your system and footage is the best way to work.

1 - Footage type. Know what you're cutting.

Action cam, Mobile phone, and screen recordings can be difficult to edit, due to h264/5 material (especially 1080p60 or 4k) and Variable Frame rate.
Footage types like 1080p60, 4k (any frame rate) are going to stress your system.
When your system struggles, the way that the professional industry has handled this for decades is to use Proxies.
Proxies are a copy of your media in a lower resolution and possibly a "friendlier" codec.
It is important to know if your software has this capability. A proxy workflow more than any other feature, is what makes editing high frame rate, 4k oand h264/5 footage possible.

See our wiki about

* Variable Frame Rate

* Why h264/5 is hard

* Proxy editing

2- Key Hardware suggestions, before you ask.

The suggested hardware minimums for the "average" user
  • A recent i7 (due to intel Quick Sync)
  • 16GB of RAM
  • A GPU with 2+ GB of GPU RAM
  • An SSD (for cache files.)
Can other hardware work? Certainly - but may not necessarily provide a great experience.
GPUS do not help with the codec/playback of media but do help with visual effects.
We have a dedicated hardware thread monthly. Hardware questions belong there.

3- I Just need something simple. I don't need all those effects.

Sadly, having super easy to use software means engineering teams.
iMovie came with your Mac and is by far the easiest to use editor for either platform.
There isn't a lightweight, easy to use free/inexpensive editor that we'd recommend for windows.
We wish iMovie was available for windows. The closest we've seen on windows is Olive editor (open source)

Okay, so what do you suggest?


  • DaVinci Resolve - Needs a strong video card/hardware. Max size (free) is UHD. Full version for $299. Mac/Win/Linux. Full proxy workflow. An excellent tool if your hardware can handle it.
  • Hit Film Express - freemium - no watermark. Extra features at a price. Mac/Win. Full proxy workflow. UGH. As of 6/2020 it seems they have a price for some very, VERY basic capabilities (like cropping and text.) We're not sure that HFE will make the next month versionof this post for that reason.
  • Kdenlive -Open source with proxy workflows. Windows/Linux. Full proxy workflow. There are other open source tools, but likely, if you're going down this path, you'll need a proxy workflow. # Olive Editor Easier than Kdenlive - but in the middle of a major rewrite - may be unstable.


  • Shutter Encoder is a free, cross platform Compression tool. It's a GUI front end to FFMPEG (a command-line utility). Like the other tool we often recommend, handbrake, it can convert media.
    • It can do a variety of conversions, including H264, HEVC, ProRes and DNxHD/HR.
    • It can trim a video without re-encoding (it's not an editor, a trimmer in this case)
    • It can convert a Variable Frame Rate video to Constant frame rate in h264 (but we'd recommend to convert to a post friendly codec)


  • iOS Free: iMovie
  • IOS Paid: Lumafusion
  • Android (and Chromebooks that run android): Kinemaster

Before you reply and ask for other advice, our wiki has other tools, including tools a list of other editors and mobile solutions

submitted by greenysmac to VideoEditing

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