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Welcome to the “Clean Island” update! Take part in fierce battles on the new PvP map and in the special rating mode “Survivors league”, share your ranges at the exhibition, and decorate your cars with new cosmetic items!

Survivors league

Ranked battles are returning to Crossout as part of the special event “Survivors league”! Fight and become the best of the best, earn more resources, and get a unique logo. With it, all survivors will know who they are dealing with in battle!
The future of ranked battles in Crossout is in your hands! When discussing a possibility to enable a mode on an ongoing basis and add new unique rewards to it, your feedback and interest in ranked mode will play an important role.

Rules and features of the mode:

  • The “Survivors league” event will last until December 14th.
  • To participate in the event, you need to have at least level 10 of reputation with the “Engineers” faction.
  • You can take part in the event battles only on armored vehicles from 6000 to 8000 PS.
  • Battles take place based on the “Capture” scenario in the “6 versus 6” format.
  • There are 5 leagues in the event:
    • Iron (0 - 159 rating points)
    • Steel (160 - 359 rating points)
    • Bronze (360 - 599 rating points)
    • Silver (600 - 879 rating points)
    • Gold (880+ rating points)
  • Players’ team matchmaking is based on their current rating points.
  • To enter a rating battle, a player uses a certain number of rating points:
    • Iron: 0 points.
    • Steel: 10 points.
    • Bronze: 15 points.
    • Silver: 20 points.
    • Gold: 20 points.
  • How rating points are earned:
    • Winning a battle earns the player 15 rating points.
    • Each destruction or assist in destroying an enemy is worth 4 rating points. Assistance in destruction is counted only if the enemy was destroyed within 15 seconds after you dealt damage to him last time.
    • For each captured segment of the enemy base, all players participating in the capture receive 4 rating points.


  • As you move up the leagues, you will increase the amount of scrap you receive in a battle:
    • Iron: base amount.
    • Steel: base Amount + 10%.
    • Bronze: base amount + 27%.
    • Silver: base amount + 45%.
    • Gold: base Amount + 45%.
  • We remind you that the final amount of resources received directly depends on your efficiency in battle and whether you have played the battle to the end.
  • In addition to scrap metal, you also get a unique logo for your banner, which will be changing depending on your current league. At the end of the event, you will have the logo that will correspond to your league at the time the event ends.

New PvP map “Clean Island”

Developer comment: “Clean Island” is the first map in the history of Crossout that shows what “big water” looks like. Unfortunately for the survivors, the water around the island is extremely dangerous. Dawn’s children organized a scientific base on the island, which is primarily involved in water purification.
Battles on the map are based on the “Encounter” scenario. The teams start on equal terms from opposite edges of the map, and the task for them will be to capture the base directly under the water tower.
The terrain is designed in such a way that there are both advantageous positions on the upper level (for example, on any of the bridges leading to the point), and secluded positions near the arenas for close combat. Marine species enthusiasts will be able to drive at the very edge of the water right up to the capture point. However, they should be very careful, because the water is far from harmless.
When a player enters the water around the island, his car will start to heat up and take damage. Be careful: the longer your build heats up, the more damage you take!
Shallow water is a great place to lure your enemy out if you are already left unarmed. Or if you are just confident in your abilities and think that you will outlive the enemy. You can hold out at this depth for a long time, you can afford to make a mistake.
But there are also more dangerous zones: you can recognize them by the seething water and steam coming out of it. They heat up a lot and deal great damage. Plus, armored vehicles with hovers won’t be comfortable in these hot springs either.
Similar especially dangerous zones are located around the island wherever the shallow water ends. And, although you are not limited by walls, it is still better not to meddle in shallow water.


Added destructible objects to maps:
  • Terminal-45
  • Wrath of Khan

Range exhibition

Now you can share your incredible ranges with other players and evaluate their works through the in-game exhibition!
  • A new “Ranges” tab has been added to the “Exhibition” section.
  • In order to put your current range at the exhibition, you need to enter this tab, press “Save blueprint”, enter a name for your range and click “Send blueprint”.
  • You can send a complaint about an inappropriate range both in the general blueprint window (RMB - “Report violation”), and when viewing the range (the options button in the lower right corner of the screen).
  • Sorting of range blueprints is carried out by received likes. Also, drawings of polygons, like drawings of cars, can be sorted by laying out for a week or for all time.


New packs with cosmetic items for cars have been added to the in-game store (“Customization” section). All of the following bundles can be purchased with in-game coins!

Gothic pack

  • “Epic” decor “Morning star”, 2 pcs.
  • “Epic” headlight “Gargoyle”, 2 pcs.
  • “Legendary” wheel hubcap “Rose”.

Eastern pack

  • “Epic” decoration “Ghanta”, 2 pcs.
  • “Epic” headlights “Brass dragon” (left and right).
  • “Legendary” wheel hubcap “Eastern dragon”.

Knight pack

  • “Epic” decor “Forged torch”, 2 pcs.
  • “Epic” headlight “Chevalier”, 2 pcs.
  • “Legendary” wheel hubcap “Scandinavian shield”.

Military pack

  • “Epic” decor “Bucket”, 2 pcs.
  • “Epic” headlights “Army headlight” (left and right).
  • “Legendary” wheel hubcap “Wheel cover”.
All of the above parts, except for the hubcaps, you can also purchase separately in the customization store.

Race pack

7 unique stickers of “epic” rarity for speed enthusiasts!
  • “Finish” sticker, 2 pcs.
  • “Street racer” sticker, 2 pcs.
  • “Shooting star” sticker, 2 pcs.
  • “Comet” sticker, 2 pcs.
  • “Wave” sticker, 2 pcs.
  • “Old scar” sticker, 2 pcs.
  • “White stripe” sticker, 2 pcs.

Paint pack

5 unique dyes of “special” rarity:
  • Gamma rays
  • Ashes metallic
  • Ocean metallic
  • Winter sky
  • Cinnabar

Range building

New objects

  • Added 3 new objects for building, allowing to measure passage time of a certain route on the range:
    • Skill test start
    • Skill test finish
    • Skill test checkpoint
  • Objects are rewarded upon reaching the 12th level of reputation with the “Engineers” faction.
  • In total, each player can receive 1 “Skill test start” and “Skill test finish” objects and 10 “Skill test checkpoints” objects.
  • The countdown starts from the moment the players activate the “Skill test start” object and ends after passing through the “Skill test finish” object. The “Skill test finish” object becomes available only after passing through all the “Skill test checkpoint” objects installed on the range.
  • These objects cannot be dismantled into building materials.

Building blocks

  • Now the blocks “Concrete block 6 * 6 * 3”, “Concrete block 6 * 6 * 6”, “Concrete ramp 6 * 6 * 3” and “Concave concrete ramp 6 * 6 * 3” are crafted from scrap metal and copper.
  • Crafting cost: 50 units of scrap metal and 50 units of copper.
  • Blocks are crafted in the “Factions” - “Building” tab.
  • The number of crafted blocks is not limited.
  • Changed the rarity of the following blocks from “rare” to “common”
  • Now the following blocks cannot be disassembled into building materials.
  • Within a week, all players who crafted blocks before the update will receive all the building materials spent on this back to their storage.



  • Improved the behavior of raiders with melee weapons.
  • Updated blueprints for raiders of the “Lunatics” faction.

Clan battles

  • Added the following maps to rotation:
    • Sandy gulf
    • Clean island
    • Ashen ring
  • The “Broken arrow” map has been removed from rotation.

Daily challenges

Attention! The rewards changes will become effective with the update! Tasks changes will become effective on Monday, November 30th!
  • Reworked the number of resources received for completing daily challenges:
    • Win 2 battles in missions. Reward: 20 units of scrap metal (previously - 35 units).
    • Win 3 battles in missions. Reward: 55 units of scrap metal (previously - 40 units).
    • Win 1 battle in raids. Reward: 20 units of scrap metal (previously - 35 units).
    • Win 2 battles in raids. Reward: 55 units of scrap metal (previously - 40 units).
    • Win 2 battles using a specific weapon. Reward: 20 units of scrap metal (previously - 35 units).
    • Win 3 battles using a specific weapon. Reward: 55 units of scrap metal (previously - 40 units)
    • Sell or buy something on the market / Craft any part on any workbench. The reward remains unchanged (25 units of scrap metal).
    • Complete 3 daily challenges. Reward: 15 units of scrap metal (previously - 35 units)
    • Complete 4 daily challenges. Reward: 100 units of scrap metal (previously - 40 units).
  • The daily challenge “Complete 1 battle in missions or raids” has been removed.
  • The total amount of scrap metal received for completing all daily challenges has NOT CHANGED (365 units of scrap).


“Rare” parts

Shotgun “Spitfire”
Damage increased by 5%.
Drone “AD-12 Falcon”
Damage reduced by 9%.
Turret “DT Cobra”
Attack range reduced by 30%.

Parts of “special” rarity

Turret “T4 Python”
Attack range reduced by 30%.
Drone “SIdekick”
Damage reduced by 5%.
Developer comment: the above - mentioned “rare” and “special” drones and turrets mentioned above are extremely effective and deal a lot of damage in battles at relatively low PS levels. These specific damage adjustments will allow to slightly reduce their over-effectiveness. Your comments after mass testing were taken into account - they were checked with the statistics and replaced the damage tweaks with the attack range changes for the “DT Cobra” and “T4 Python” turrets.
Machine gun “Sinus-0”
Damage reduced by 6%.
Rapid-fire machine gun “M-37 Piercer”
Durability increased from 127 to 133 pts.
Cannon “Prosecutor 76mm”
  • Now the cannon shells pierce 1 “pin” of armor (1 “cube” of the constructor).
  • The projectile hit damage (bullet damage) reduced by 10%.

Parts of “epic” rarity

Cannon “Executioner 88 mm”
  • Now the cannon shells pierce 2 “pins” of armor (2 “cubes” of the constructor).
  • The projectile hit damage (bullet damage) reduced by 25%.
Developer Comment: With these changes, the “Prosecutor” and “Executioner” projectiles will now pierce enemy parts and deal damage to parts that were protected. For example, now the “Executioner’s” projectile will pierce the “Goliath” track and inflict damage on parts located behind it (cabin, generator, ammo pack, etc.), while the “Prosecutor's” projectile will pierce the “Train plow”, installed in the standard way, and the explosion will deal damage to parts that were protected by this plow.
Machine gun “Spectre-2”
  • Damage increased by 7%.
  • Changed the weapon’s perk. Direct hit now increases the weapon’s damage by 4% (previously 5%).
Plasma gun “Quasar”
Projectile speed increased by 10%.
Developer comment: The increase in projectile speed on the test server (by 21%) had too much effect on the plasma gun’s efficiency, that is why the final change is not so radical. We prefer to implement changes gradually. If this change is not enough, then we will discuss additional changes for “Quasar”.
Automatic weapon “Caucasus”
Damage reduced by 5%.
Developer comment: After the radiators began to work correctly in conjunction with the “Caucasus”, the effectiveness of this weapon has significantly increased. With the gradual minor changes, we almost managed to bring it to the proper level.
“Kapkan” minelayer
Increased the possibility that the “Kapkan’s” mine cable will break under sufficient load.
Developer Comment: Please note that the change will affect only super-heavy armored vehicles, which will make it easier to get rid of the “Kapkan” cable. In the case of medium and light vehicles, nothing will change, the effectiveness of mines will remain the same.
Combat laser “Aurora”
The heating rate of parts is reduced by 20%.
Homing rockets “Nest”
Reduced the turning radius of the rockets.
Harpoon “Skinner”
Harpoon durability reduced from 342 to 308 pts.
Developer Comment: Changing the durability of the “Skinner” will make it a bit easier to shoot the harpoon and, accordingly, counteract melee-oriented builds.
Mechanical leg “ML 200”
PS increased from 325 to 400.
Developer comment: “At the moment, armored vehicles with three mechanical legs, as well as the so-called “Side walkers” are extremely effective solutions in battles at relatively low PS levels. Changing the PS of the legs will solve the problem and practically will not affect the builds on medium and high PS.”
Hovers “Icarus IV” and “Icarus VII”
PS increased from 360 to 420.
Armored track
Reduced the turning radius of vehicles with armored tracks.
“Goliath” track
PS increased from 850 to 1000.
Developer comment: The “Goliath” tracks are extremely effective chassis with relatively low PS values, due to their model and durability. The change is aimed at bringing vehicles with these tracks into battles at higher PS levels.
Engine “Oppressor”
Now the bonus of the engine’s perk decreases with a delay after changing the current speed of the armored car.
“Cockpit” cabin
The maximum damage bonus is now 140%.
Developer Comment: We agree with you that the cabin is an extremely effective solution for the leviathan, due to its large energy supply and the ability to install a large number of boosters. The change will have almost no effect on the effectiveness of standard armored vehicles.
We would also like to note that we are already working on possible options for changes associated with installing a large number of identical parts that consume energy (weapons, etc.) on the leviathan.
“Dusk” cabin
Now the cabin increases not only explosive damage from rockets but also damage when a rocket hits a part (bullet damage).

Parts of “legendary” rarity

Shotgun “Nidhogg”
Now the bonus of the shotgun’s perk decreases with a delay after changing the current speed of the armored car.

Parts of the “relic” rarity

Turret cannon “ZS-52 Mastodon”
  • The mass of the cannon was reduced from 3038 to 2855 kg.
  • The time required to fully charge the cannon has been reduced from 1.2 sec. to 1 sec.


  • Faction flags of “Firestarters”, “Steppenwolfs” and “Dawn’s children”:
    • Rarity changed from “rare” to “special”.
    • Active time changed from 3 days to 28 hours (only applies to flags crafted after the update).
    • The owner’s reputation bonus increased from 15% to 40%.
    • Crafting requirements changed: 350 units of scrap metal and 300 units of copper.
  • Faction flags of the “Lunatics”, “Nomads”, and “Scavengers”:
    • Active time changed from 3 days to 28 hours (only applies to flags crafted after the update).
    • The owner’s reputation bonus increased from 15% to 20%.
  • Faction standards:
    • Active time changed from 2 hours to 28 hours (only applies to flags crafted after the update).
    • Crafting requirements changed: 400 units of scrap metal and 500 units of copper.
  • Added new weld points for a number of parts:
    • Golden eagle
    • Buggy bumper
    • Bumper Spike
    • Terrible bar
    • Train plow
    • APC bumper (left and right)
    • Bullbar
    • Flail (left and right)
    • “Bully” bumper
    • Air splitter
  • A button has been added to the blueprint view window from a link in the chat that allows you to copy a link to a blueprint or send a violation report.
  • Now, when pointing the cursor over to an active window of an armored car or a leviathan in the garage, the player has a menu with which he can send a car from a slot to an exhibition or remove it from a slot.
  • Added the ability to change the client language on the game login screen.
  • Now, upon the return of the leviathan from the Invasion, you can see its battle results.
  • Added new challenges and rewards for their completion:
    • Drones: Hero
    • Fence: Professional
    • Merchant: Professional
  • The springboard in the “New Dawn” garage has been improved.
  • The effects of the “Verifier” radar have been improved.
  • Removed the icon of the “Engineer” faction from the “Trucker” cabin.
  • The model of the “Starting wheel” part has been updated.
  • The model of the part “Chained wheel” has been updated.
  • The physical model of the “Hermit” wheel has been improved.
  • Improved the behavior of the sight of the “Nest” rockets when attempting to fire without aiming at the enemy.
  • The physical model of the building object “Scavenger Barricade” has been improved.
  • Optimized the firing effects of the “Scorpion” weapon.
  • The model of the construction object “Torn - off crane” has been improved.
  • The model of the “Phoenix” crossbow with empty ammunition has been improved.
  • The animation of the “Cheetah” engine has been improved.
  • Improved the location of some environmental and physical objects on the maps: “Rock City”, “Sandy gulf”, “Founders canyon”, “Control-17 station”, “Sector EX” and in the garage of the Assault force.
  • Fixed a bug where the “King” mine could explode and not cause damage to the enemy if it was installed close to his vehicle.
  • Fixed a bug where leviathans could not shoot from the “Mandrake” at the weapon’s maximum possible range.
  • Improved wheel suspension and fixed a bug, in which “Bigfoot” wheels in some cases could fall into the structural parts of the vehicle.
  • Now the defense module “Argus” destroys all types of mines in raids.
  • Fixed a bug where the shells of some weapons could fly through the wall on the “Sector Ex” map.
  • Fixed a bug where some sounds continued to play on the “Ravagers foothold” map even at minimum volume.
  • Improved some raiders spawn points in the “Adventure” mode.
  • Fixed a bug with which it was possible to get to the edge of the “Sandy Valley” map. The map is returned to the rotation.
  • Now “Trigger”, “Blockchain” and “Gravastar” are not taken into account in the progress of the daily challenge to use machine guns, rapid-fire machine guns, miniguns or lasers.
  • Fixed a bug where using the “Beholder” cabin and the invisibility module made it possible to obtain many “Blind Rage” patches. Now the patch is issued only on the first hit.
  • Now the use of the “Nova” cabin counts towards the progress of the “Aegis” patch, and the use of the “Beholder” cabin counts towards the progress of the “Backstab” patch.
  • Fixed a bug where the light indicator on the store tab remained on, even if the player viewed all the specials and new items.
  • Now, when using the “Neutrino” scope, explosive parts are visible on vehicles from the Autocatapult.
  • Now the “Doppler” radar highlights the mines behind obstacles only within the detection radius. Now the spotted mines have a marker only if they are in the line of direct sight.
  • Fixed a bug where joining an ongoing raid “Frontier defense” on the “Chemical Plant” map led to the spawn of the player in the midst of raiders.
  • Improved a number of texts, descriptions, and icons.
submitted by Kerry-Shark to Crossout

First Contact - Chapter 303

[first] [prev] [next]
Mo'owa'alkr backed up, shaking all four hands out, stomping on the pedal to flush the weapon with coolant, before stepping back forward and grabbing the four handles of the rotary barrel plasma cannon. He held down the triggers, the barrels howling, and raked the six barrels worth the firepower across the front of the Precursor machines coming straight at his fighting position.
Half of his men had fled when the Precursors came over the horizon, running off as they threw their rifles to side.
Mo'owa'alkr knew that it wouldn't matter. If he couldn't stop the Precursors here then there would be nowhere to hide, they'd sweep into the city two miles behind him, first killing every living being in the suburbs before moving into the city center.
Many of his fellow Lanaktallans kept claiming they would head for the shelters, shooting their way in if they had to.
Mo'owa'alkr knew that the Precursor machines would just dig their way down to the shelters and kill everyone inside at their leisure.
The weapon was beeping, overheating, warning him he was supposed to only fire ten seconds out of every sixty, but he ignored it, sweeping the barrel across the nap of earth line. The heavy plasma machinegun rounds caused the Precursors to explode in mid-air.
The ground ones were advancing, and he was out of missiles, drones, or fire and forget rockets.
He was even out of grenades.
He was the only one left in the fighting position, everyone else either fled or dead.
roared into his head and he blinked, knowing his rear left eye, blind as it was, was leaking blood again. His helmet's psychic screens were turned up as far as he could manage, the only reason he was able to withstand point blank assaults on his very mind.
He could see that the fire from the positions to the right and left of him was starting to dwindle, his fellow Unified Military Council soldiers either dying or abandoning their positions.
Or, like Mo'owa'alkr's Position Most High, rocking back and forth, giggling, and eating his own fingers.
Mo'owa'alkr knew he was covered in sweat, his armor's internal environmental systems having given it up after three straight hours of combat.
He kicked out with his rear left hoof, kicking the "I AM IN NEED OF ASSISTANCE!" button, knowing it wouldn't do any good, but training demanding it as his ammo-hopper reported he was down to less than 10% of his ammunition, less than two minutes of fire at the rate he was burning through ammunition.
Without even bothering to check, Mo'owa'alkr knew that he had no rifle. He had been assigned an static emplacement and was a heavy gunner, he had no use for a small arm according to the best military theorists.
He wished he had one.
The only small arms weapon in the fighting position was the Most High's pistol, and it was out of ammunition after the Most High had used all six rounds to shoot three of Mo'owa'alkr's fellow soldiers.
He kicked it again as his ammo fell to below 10% and he saw that the Precursors had sent the big boys. The massive ones rolling on treads or hovering on huge graviton pods.

Mo'owa'alkr looked around, stepping back and shaking his hands as he stomped the coolant pedal again. The lights flickered in his fighting position, the radar screen came on, fuzzed several times, then came back. He saw the empty missile launcher do a function check, same with the targeting system for the empty launcher. The point defense system rebooted, flickered through a function check, then, to Mo'owa'alkr's relief, began firing again.
The Precursor machines were still coming, artillery and rockets fired by the machines slamming near his firing position.
He kicked the pedal to lower the fighting position just as a small cobbled together looking drone zipped into his fighting position, hovered for a second, and tried to dart out, banging against the suddenly slammed closed shutter.
The Precursors were less than a mile out.
"Ow, my head!" The drone squeaked from the floor.
Mo'owa'alkr looked at the little drone. It was painted and colored with Unified Military Council colors, but had a Terran Space Force logo on the fan drive shafts. It was about as wide as his chest and had optical sensors and what looked like more sensitive sensor strips on it. The drone clicked a few times, clattering on the ground, the fans whirring.
It went still.
"Um, little help?" the drone asked. "Crap, I can't see now."
"Identify yourself," Mo'owa'alkr ordered, lifting up a hoof.
"Recon Warboi 66892a," the drone said. "Terran Aerospace Force."
Mo'owa'alkr raised his hoof higher, intending on stomping it, panic filling him. He had heard the terrifying Terran battlecry almost three days ago but nothing since then.
"Wait, wait, we're on your side!" the drone squeaked. "Don't stomp me!"
Mo'owa'alkr lowered his hoof slowly. "What are you doing?"
"Seeing who's alive and who's dead," the drone answered.
"He's an artillery scout," the phased radar array computer said.
"Hey, 98425!" the drone said.
Mo'owa'alkr looked from the screen of the radar array to the drone and back.
"Hey, 66892," the radar system said. "Hey, Lanaktallan dude, flip him over. We need to pass data to 227 Field Artillery."
Mo'owa'alkr frowned. "Is this some kind of trick?"
"No. It's war. If you want to live, flip 66892 over so I can pass him my data and he can pass it to MILINT," the radar set said.
I must be going mad, Mo'owa'alkr thought to himself. But he bent down and flipped the drone over. It whirred and lifted up, the fans spinning so fast they looked transparent.
"Why doesn't he use graviton?" Mo'owa'alkr asked.
"I'm almost invisible to Precursor sensors," the drone said, bobbling. "Oh, man, your EM shielding is on."
Mo'owa'alkr kicked the fighting position lever and it rose up, the shutters grinding up.
"Thanks!" the drone said and buzzed out.
"Damn, this computer's so thin it makes my ass feel fat," the radar said.
Mo'owa'alkr grabbed the handles of the plasma gun and brought it back into aim. The plasma gun suddenly yanked out of his hand.
"I need that for point defense," the radar said.
"Hey! I'm the one fighting here!" Mo'owa'alkr said.
"I'd duck in about ninety seconds," the radar said. The gun swiveled slightly and started firing single spaced shots.
"Why?" Mo'owa'alkr asked, frowning again.
"See those little pillars of blue smoke in front of the Precursors and the red in the Precursor's lines?" the radar asked.
The gun fired four more spaced shots.
"Yes," Mo'owa'alkr said, squinting outside. There were dozens of them, roughly a hundred meters apart from one another.
"Ranging shots," the radar said. "Our little buddy is out there giving live feed to the gunners of 227, who's going to wipe these guys off the map."
"There's too many," Mo'owa'alkr said. "They fire back at the artillery."
"Yeah, well, Terran Army," the radar said. "Ten seconds. Might want to duck."
Mo'owa'alkr snorted, staring out at the smoke. There were too many Precursors for any type of artillery aside from an atomic strike to stop the
The world exploded.
The explosions started in the air, for a split second there was just red and yellow bubbles with white and bright blue cores.
Then Mo'owa'alkr felt the air being sucked out of the fighting position. The computer reacted sluggishly, but still reacted, dropping the fighting position down.
The earth rumbled, erasing the vibration of the oncoming Precursor machines. The inside of the fighting position creaked and Mo'owa'alkr's ears popped several times. He hugged himself as it seemed to go on and on.
Finally it stopped right as the fighting position began beeping. It popped up, the shutters rolling back to reveal nothing but smoke and wreckage.
The vibration was still going on.
"What is that?" Mo'owa'alkr asked, wishing he could see behind him.
"18th Treana'ad Infantry Regiment," the radar said. "An entire ice cream carton of big ass bugs armored to march through Hell and carrying enough firepower to kill the Devil."
He saw stubby aircraft come in fast and low, tracers connecting them to the ground as they swept by. It sounded like a dragon breaking wind as the aircraft strafed the ground in a long slow attack run then peeled off.
Then four legged insects ran by, running faster than any groundcar Mo'owa'alkr had ever ridden in, heavy guns on their abdomen's firing, some of them firing mortars or rocket packs instead of heavy guns. They ran in perfect formation, perfect silence, just the roaring of their guns.
Mo'owa'alkr thought he heard music.
"Here comes General Kwargawk's boys!" the radar said. "The Armored Fist of Alpha Centauri!"
The tanks roared by next, huge tracked vehicles, their guns roaring, point defense weapons slicing at the sky, mortars on the back deck firing off a dozen shells at a time in one ripple. The tracks clattered as they went by as close as a meter to the fighting position. The music was loud, pounding, and nothing but raw aggression.
Then there was just the sound of the tanks receding as they drove forward, following the giant insects.
"Looks like you get to live another day," the radar said. "Warborgs from 42nd Infantry Brigade coming up next. There's a truce on, but they'll shoot you in the head if you look at them funny."
"Oh," Mo'owa'alkr said. He sat down then folded his front legs so he was prone-sitting.
"Hey, you did good. You held them for a couple hours, long enough for us to get here. Gave us enough time to help you save the city," the radar said. "Listen, good luck. I'm gonna jump to a new bridge point. Luck."
"Um, good luck?" Mo'owa'alkr said. He looked over at the Position Most High and saw that the other Lanaktallan had bled to death, his fingers all missing.
Mo'owa'alkr sat quietly for a while, listening to the explosions of the fight. Part of him thought about getting up and looking, but instead he just sat, staring at the 0% of the ammo hopper's digital display.
He heard it again.
There was a knocked at the back hatch and Mo'owa'alkr leaned forward and slapped the release for the rear ramp hatch. The hatch opened and one of the big black metal bipeds opened it up. He had a four barrel minigun over one shoulder and a rocket launcher over the other in addition to the heavy rifle he was holding.
"You alive in here?" the Terran asked.
"Yes," Mo'owa'alkr said.
"Hey, we're pushing forward. You can stay here, go back to your own lines, I think they're setting some up a few blocks into the suburb, or you can come with us," the Terran said.
Mo'owa'alkr shuddered, breathing deep. "I think I'll stay here for a little bit."
"Are you wounded?" the Terran asked.
"No," Mo'owa'alkr said. Everything he had done, all of the fighting, seemed like a waste of time. The Terrans had just blown everything up and roared right by.
"I'm going to assign someone to take you back to your lines, all right? You don't sound too good," the Terran said.
Mo'owa'alkr looked at his Position Most High, who was sitting there without a single finger left on all four hands, who had torn off his own ears.
And started laughing.
"MEDIC!" the Terran yelled.
I don't know, it doesn't seem right, helping them after everything they did.
I don't know what the Terrans are doing. They're over there fighting some kind of weird psychic things, over here fighting the Precursors, over there fighting the Lanaktallans.
Did you ask the military liaisons?
If they know what's going on, they aren't saying. They won't even tell me what's going on with First and Second Telkan Marine Divisions.
It's weird, I keep expecting Treana'ad's people to make him blurt out something silly.
I know, right?
We just met them and now they're gone.
It feels kind of lonely.
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