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Madden Ultimate Team 21: Reviewing EA's Reveal Live Stream

In past years, I've been able to cobble together posts with live updates when EA puts together live streams on Twitch to discuss Madden Ultimate Team. Alas, in past years I was also not dealing with the sort of chronic pain and lack of sleep that have been facets of my everyday life for the last five months — You thought your pandemic experience has been bad? This pain isn't actually COVID-related! — and so the inadvertent catnap I took for essentially the entire duration of Tuesday's stream prevented me from doing that much last night. Apologies for that.
On the bright side, given that a long stretch of that video is largely dedicated to the aesthetics and functionality of the "card" art in MUT, I saved myself a fair bit of time waiting for preambles to be over.
Here's a rundown of what was talked about and what mattered most, as I absorbed it.

Card Art Changes

EA doesn't call its items cards. (I can, so I will.) And yet, the first stream about MUT for Madden 21 spent almost the entirety of the first 10 minutes of that stream discussing ... card art.
The new design for MUT's cards, which now has a sort of overlay that covers up half of the card art, was widely panned on Twitter after its reveal as part of the Rookie Premiere program. EA acknowledging that is good. But explaining in detail why the change was made — essentially because last year's card art didn't convey quite as much as this year's can at a glance, especially with regard to specific abilities active on a card — while also going to such lengths defending the change from an aesthetic perspective as creating and presenting a graphic to demonstrate the relative sizes of the art on the full card for MUT 20 and MUT 21 makes EA's team look weirdly insecure about its product.
The root problem with MUT's cards, like those in NBA 2K's MyTeam, is that they don't actually look like cards, which rankles many of the players whose interest in Ultimate Team dovetails with past or present interest in collecting cards. And while the suggestion that EA cannot make NFL-related cards that look like cards because Panini has an exclusive deal with the league to do so is an oft-mentioned (if possibly apocryphal?) explanation for this, EA has managed to get around that in FIFA's Ultimate Team by creating "player items" that have a shield design and thus do not compare to cards, and doesn't have the same problem with its Hockey Ultimate Team product because those cards can look like cards.
I have really disliked the MUT card design of the last few years, as it departed from true rectangular cards in MUT 18 and has not returned, but I also consider it a very minor complaint and genuinely appreciate that this year's art does at least have added functionality. If EA can't (or won't) solve the root problem by returning to rectangular card art and making MUT more like card collecting at its most basic level, de-emphasizing the art and focusing on other things is its best move, as it will otherwise be nobly continuing to throw red meat to a community ready to snarl.

More Presentation Notes

  • It wasn't remarked upon by the stream, but the new dark purple user interface for MUT (and possibly Madden more generally) looks very nice and should be a relief to those who disliked the bright screens of MUT 20.
  • The new "card back" that is actually a separate interface for seeing attributes and so forth more clearly is also an upgrade on previous years' presentations. Adding a visible weight, a factor in Madden's gameplay formulas, is also a plus; doing that while still apparently keeping the somewhat important information about a card's traits hidden in game is disappointing.
  • MUT keeping the functionalities for cards to have alternate positions and front art is no surprise, but those two things were substantial adds to MUT 20 that I'm very glad to see were carried over this year.
  • Stein hints mid-stream that the new collection of key ratings shown at a glance at a card points to the ratings most important to determining a card's OVR, and that more details may be forthcoming about that. I'm curious, but I'm also relieved to see that EA appears to have found a solution to the annual tedium that was the chorus of "Why does X card with Y rating on the back have Z OVR!?!?" for various high-OVR cards.

Ability Points and Caps

MUT's system for Abilities is changed this year, with last year's matrix of Abilities being tied to a matrix of archetypes and ratings but only having the in-game cost of Training adding the new wrinkles of Ability Points and Caps, which seem to be designed to both restrict in-game players' power and allow for that power to be spread around.
I think this is likely to be the most important change in MUT this year, and Jake Stein referring to the evolution of Superstar X-Factors and Abilities as the terribly jargon-y "gameplay story" for this year's game and something the MUT team is trying to translate would certainly back up that idea. Unfortunately, I also think it wasn't well explained on stream, as you could be forgiven for not grasping that this is more or less a reversion to previous years of MUT, in which "red chems" could be part of any player's loadout; most players are absolutely going to start this MUT believing that the existing model of three Superstars on offense and defense remains true — which it does, as players will still seemingly be limited to just three active Superstars with X-Factors on both sides of the ball — and it will be a learning process for those players as the year wears on.
I also think that this move carries the potential for power creep in a way that players didn't actually like in pre-20 MUTs. The scourge of defenses with a half-dozen or more Secure Tacklers in MUT 18, for example, was a real pain point in that year's metagame; for all the problems with cutting down the number of superheroic players on each side of the ball to just three in MUT 20, it did address the potential for every player to possess an overpowered ability. And the news that players can now have five abilities at 99 OVR does make it possible that there's some unholy Michael Vick with Human Joystick and some yet-unrevealed must-have passing Ability awaiting at year's end.
I can reserve judgment on this year's system until it actually shapes a metagame, though, and I do like the potential for more strategic team-building tied to a points pool. I worry, though, that this won't solve the issue of Escape Artist QBs and Enforcer safeties roaming the middle of the field being so powerful as to be nearly required while also reintroducing the idea of a single ability being spread across a unit being too powerful. (Stein accurately pointing out that this system does allow for gentler adjustments to things like Eric Dickerson's vaunted Superstar X-Factor than a blunt-force nerfing is promising, though.)

A Review of Minor Programs

  • Rivalz (with a Z because it's cool, surely) is this year's "on-boarding"/welcome program, not dissimilar from last year's Ultimate Trainers. Players awarded: 85 OVR Ben Roethlisberger, Zach Ertz, and Jaylon Smith. Stein indicates there are plans to extend this as the year goes on.
  • Team Captains returns, with Eddie George, Ed McCaffrey, La'Roi Glover, and Aeneas Williams serving as this year's quartet. (I believe all four players are returning to MUT after absences.) Each of these Team Captains is inexplicably plucked from a pack containing 32 versions of them with each individual NFL team's team chemistry rather than granted the previously (and currently!) existing ability to apply any team chemistry, which is bound to be confusing and ripe for ribbing.
  • NFL Epics, one of the best launch programs in MUT 20, returns in an expanded version in MUT 21, with players now able to acquire 85 OVR versions of Larry Fitzgerald, Adrian Peterson, Ronnie Lott, and a returning Jack Youngblood, an upgrade on versions of Baker Mayfield and Deacon Jones in MUT 20. Each player is tied to "a 25-game Ultimate Challenge experience," too, meaning that the very cool sensation of replaying these players' most notable moments should also return.
  • This year's Level Master is Andre Johnson, which I think is a strong pick that gets a more prominent player back in the game. The similarity to Torry Holt is strong, though, and the only twists here — Challenges, apparently, and also X-Factors (or Abilities?) that may be easier to achieve — are not major ones.
  • Legends getting "a little change" and dwindling to two new players per weekend this year is fine by me, especially with Boss Legends returning in the form of souped-up LTD versions of those players. But Stein not burying the lede by saying at the top of the discussion of Legends that EA has entered into an agreement with the management behemoth IMG that sounds like it might give Madden at least partial access to groups like the Football Greats Alliance is really good news for the long-term health of MUT. And the Legends pool shrinking sure doesn't seem like it will actually shrink the pool of legendary players, with The 50 seeming to follow in the footsteps of last year's NFL 100 Stein hinting that it will showcase dozens of meaningful NFL, Madden, and/or MUT players. Even if it takes "a month or so" to get there, the sort of super-Legends program that was the Madden Ultimate Team 10 and NFL 100 programs combined was wildly successful last year, and I think The 50 is definitely going to have expectations high for this fall.
  • Kraelo seemed to hint at a return of MUT Heroes by implying with Cam Newton's familiar Superman gesture that it was removed from the run of show, though Stein refused to bite the bait. I would strongly expect MUT Heroes or something like it to be a mainstay in MUT for a long time to come.

A MUT Master Misfire?

This year's MUT Master is Sam Mills, which continues the trend of non-traditional choices that date back a few years. (Stein noted that, prior to Sean Taylor in MUT 18, MUT Masters were usually cover athletes.) Stein cited Mills's 2003 cancer diagnosis and subsequent "Keep pounding" speech and mantra as part of the reasoning, and said that it "felt right" to choose him. And I respect that choice — but I also think it's a misfire.
While Mills was a very good player (a five-time Pro Bowler and one-time All-Pro who also earned all-USFL honors during his time in that league), he was unequivocally not as prominent as the previous three MUT Masters chosen in part for their notable off-field legacies (Taylor, Ryan Shazier, and Pat Tillman). And while MUT shining a light on Mills and his off-field legacy is unquestionably noble, his on-field legacy as a very good but not thrillingly dominant player makes him more like Tillman — a MUT Master who was a must-have player early on and an afterthought by midseason — than Taylor and Shazier, physically imposing in-game players who were game-changers throughout their MUT cycles.
And that last bit also points to the likelihood of diminishing returns on this path of celebrating endurance against adversity or unconventional leadership, too: While, say, Steve Gleason meets what appear to be the current criteria for MUT Master selection better than any other name that comes to my mind, I think Gleason himself would tell you he wasn't exactly a dominant player. Stein mentioning Alex Smith as a possible candidate for this year's honor points to another name that would better for EA to honor than for MUT players to play with. EA isn't always going to be able to turn a Ryan Shazier-caliber player's struggles to achieve a normal life after an injury, and it doesn't have that many options for players whose legacies are worth celebrating and whose selections would be largely non-controversial. (Next year, for example, will mark five years since Colin Kaepernick all but set fire to his own career and in doing so helped open a necessary national conversation; anointing him MUT Master would be a bold and defensible decision, but it is absolutely not worth the blowback EA would receive.)
Maybe the biggest bummer of all for me, though, is that Mills being this year's MUT Master strikes me as a very clear sign that two other bigger stars of the '90s who were dominant linebackers and had significant off-field stories to tell — Kansas City Chiefs legend Derrick Thomas and San Diego Chargers superstar Junior Seau — are not going to be in this year's MUT. With all due respect to Mills, telling the story of the NFL without him is still going to yield a more complete tale than trying to do so without Thomas and Seau; Thomas and Seau would also be more fun to use in game, I reckon. (To be clear: I don't expect Seau to appear in any NFL-related products for quite some time, if ever, in the wake of his family pursuing and then settling a wrongful death lawsuit against the league after his death by suicide and implication of his football career in it ... but him missing is a significant absence for those who remember his era.)
It's worth noting that, at least structurally, tying MUT Master upgrades to Series lists is an improvement on past years' unscheduled post-launch updates, and tying rewards to continued use of Mills guarantees that players will continue to use him throughout the year. But getting those elements right while picking a player who will mostly underwhelm is still a holistic miss in my eyes.

The Dream That Is Team Affinity

Taking a page from MLB The Show's Diamond Dynasty mode, MUT appears to have made Team Affinity an umbrella under which Team Builders, Team Captains, and Team Diamonds now all rest.
That branding, while welcome, unfortunately may or may not connect to as robust a list of activities as is available in Diamond Dynasty: While players can go play Challenges to nab Team Builders and complete sets for Team Diamonds, there don't seem to be ongoing rewards or other reasons for using players from given teams like there are in Diamond Dynasty — and that, not the mere Team Affinity name, is why Team Affinity as constructed in DD is such a highlight of the mode.
This year's set of Team Diamonds also digs a little deeper into NFL history for some of its choices, further expanding the MUT player pool in a way I like and smuggling some Legends-caliber names (Takeo Spikes! Warrick Dunn! Bob Sanders! Keenan McCardell! Mack Strong!) into the game under the aegis of another program. But there are some downright bizarre choices among the 32 (Jermichael Finley isn't exactly beloved by Packers fans; Robert Porcher is a very low-profile name for the Lions; Drew Bennett and Phil Loadholt are both obscure and never made Pro Bowls), which speaks to the difficulty of balancing programs like this across NFL history.

Other MUT Housekeeping

Finally, a rundown on the rundown of even smaller updates on MUT:
  • Solo Battles is (obviously) returning; it's not clear precisely when it will start for MUT 21, though it definitely sounds like it'll be within the first two weeks. From the screenshot of the schedule screen, it seems unchanged, with the same two-refresh schedule.
  • Weekend League and House Rules were also strongly implied to be returning.
  • MUT Dedication is also back, with largely the same objectives.
  • The MUT Level structure also returns. Precious little of the reward structure was shown, but, hey, it looks like you get a 62+ OVR player for reaching Level 2, a Level Master Token drops at Level 10, the Store offers gimmick is back, and an 87-88 OVR Powerup Pass awaits at Level 50.
  • EA Play Challenges return, expiring at midnight on August 25. An Elite NAT player awaits!
  • MUT Loyalty's return is modeled on last year's iteration, with players able to get one, two, or three packs with NAT 82 OVR Core Elite players. Those players: Mark Ingram, DeMarcus Lawrence, Darius Leonard, Patrick Peterson, Emmanuel Sanders, and Andrew Whitworth. Sounds like it'll drop on August 28, but it could be on August 25.
  • Rookie Premiere items will show up on August 28.
  • Apparently, the way Ultimate Team transfers from Xbox One and PS4 to Xbox Series X and PS5 will work isn't even a transfer at all: Per Stein, "Everything" — meaning all Item Binder contents and currency totals — "will be 1:1" within the same console family, which should allow players to grind on whichever one they have available. If that is as seamless as it sounds, it's a major achievement that should ease the transition to the next console generation for EA.
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Yeah sure, but postage is £9.40 as I can't use royal mail, i'll have around 2 to 4 batteries somewhere and a battery charger.
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