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Analyzing the Top 10 best-selling Boom Bap Beats on BeatStars

EDIT: Since some of you have been asking, I made a playlist on BeatStars with the 10 Beats I analyzed so you can have a listen for yourself. I was stupid enough to not write down the names of the Beats, so I had to find them by the information I had noted (BPM, Key etc.). So, right now, there are some Beats missing, but I'll update the playlist if I happen to find the Beats again! Here's the list.
Hey, what's good y'all!
Some of you may already know me from my last post, when I analyzed the Top 10 best-selling Trap Beats on BeatStars. For those who don't know me, I'm CoraxBeatz, a producer / audio engineer (in training, I might add) from Germany who likes to dissect stuff (not literally, though) and get into the technical side
I'm back for Round 2, baby! This time we're gonna be taking a look at the top 10 Old-School / Boom Bap Beats.
Even though the majority of producers I encounter on Reddit seem to be Trap producers (especially the ones that keep asking for strategies how to sell beats, but that's a story for another day…), I see a lot of producers in here that enjoy making the good 'ol Boom Bap/Old-School Hip Hop Beats. So, naturally, I thought it would be interesting to look at the top 10 best-selling Beats on BeatStars that are labeled 'Old-School'. I am saying 'labelled' because some people like to abuse the tag system and just having the tag 'Boom Bap' or 'Old-School' to increase their search ranking doesn't mean it's a Boom Bap beat (you know how the game goes).
But that was enough chit chat, let's get right into the analysis.
(Quick disclaimer: All Beats that I considered for this breakdown were the Top 10 best-selling beats on the 6th of November, 2020.)
Just like we observed with the Top 10 best-selling Trap beats, Old-school beats don't play around: The intro lasted for less than 25 seconds in 8 of the 10 beats. They do the right thing by catching the listeners interest and slowly building up the beat, before either getting straight to the verse or dropping into the hook (more on that later). Again, it seems like 30 seconds (or more) long intros just waste the listeners time.
The two other beats? One had no intro at all. The beat started straight with the melody and drums and build from there.
But there was one beat that stuck out.
The last beat on the list had an intro that lasted for a full 48 seconds! I was surprised when I heard the beat, and didn't even realize the long intro until I played it one more time. The build-up was so well done that you didn't even notice you were still in the intro.
It seems like long intros, if done in the right way, still can keep people interested in the beat. In a day and age where most people seem to have the attention span of a fly, it was quite interesting to observe that a beat can take almost a minute before it goes into the verse and still be among the top-selling beats on BeatStars!
So, with the intro done, let's have a look at how the beats progressed from there.
3 of the Top 10 Beats started straight with the Hook. It might be worth noting that 2 of those Beats were instrumentals that featured a pre-made Hook. It does make sense to start a Beat that features a hook to start with said hook (after the intro, obviously), to give listeners a vision of what the finished song could sound like. If people that intend to lease the beat want to place the hook somewhere else, they can always get a track-out license and re-arrange the beat to their liking. In my opinion, this is a very smart choice from a producer's point of view: If people like the beat & hook, they will lease the beat straight away. And if they like the beat, but want to place the hook somewhere else, they have to get a track-out license (which is, generally speaking, a lot more expensive).
The other beats followed the same route we have seen with the Top 10 Trap Beats: Intro, Verse, Hook, Verse, Hook, Outro. It is a proven formula in Hip-Hop and does work for all sub-genres.
In the end, it is your choice whether you want to start with the hook or drop right into the verse. If you have a beat with a pre-made hook, it does make sense to present it right after the intro, so listeners can get a glimpse at what the finished product sounds like.
EDIT: As kafkametamorph2 pointed out, I totally forgot to add the BPM! Tracks were between 80-92 BPM. Nothing special here, as this is the tempo range most Boom Bap Beats are made in.
Sound Selection
Boom Bap Beats, in general, tend to have a more simple approach to drums: Rhythm and sound selection are the key factor here. Unlike trap and its clean sounding drum samples, most boom-bap producers go for a 'dirtier' sound when picking their drums. Unsurprisingly, the top 10 Beats are no different. With 2 exceptions, the Beats featured distorted, muddy, and down-sampled drums.
The other 2 beats had somewhat of a Boom Trap feeling to them. This is the term I use for drums you hear in Songs by artists like Rick Ross or the newer J. Cole stuff. In general, this means using drum sounds used more prominently in Trap music, but arranging them in a way that is typical for Boom Bap Beats.
And the drum patterns, you might ask? They were simple. Very simple to be exact. In most cases, hi-hats were laid down in 16th notes, with no hat rolls at all. Snares were almost exclusively placed on the 3, with no additional rhythmic snares like you hear them in Trap music. Kicks were the main ingredient to give the tracks rhythm and were used sparingly, sometimes only 1-2 kicks per bar. Below you can see a drum pattern I made in FL studio that stands as an example for most of the tracks.
A typical Boom Bap Drum Pattern
Ah, Melodies. The backbone of every good beat! What would music be without melodies?
So, one thing I realized with Trap beats is that they tend to have simple main melodies. I'm saying main melodies because in modern Trap music, there are a lot of ambient background melodies that compliment the main sound, either by giving it more depth (a.k.a. stacking the layers) or by acting as a counter-melody.
The Top 10 best-selling Boom-Bap beats were a little bit different, though. Given by the nature of the genre, many of these beats feature sample-heavy melodies that are usually composed of multiple instruments. 4 of the Top 10 Beats featured this 'sampled' sound. From listening to it as well as the producers stating that they didn't use any samples in the beat description, I would say these are 'artificial' samples, meaning they were made by the producer himself (or a co-producer) and then ran through a couple of effects to make them sound like a sampled song.
As for instruments, there was a common theme to be observed: Pianos still are a Boom Bap favorite. 5 of the Beats in the Top 10 featured some type of Piano, either a classic Piano (Grand, Yamaha and something along those lines) or an E-Piano (especially the Rhodes, a Boom Bap classic). Most of the pianos themselves had a very clear sound, meaning there were little to no effects used on them (no Gross Beat, no Effectrix etc.). However, as it is common practice for Old-School and Boom Bap Beats, nearly all of the beats had some type of Vinyl effect (think RC-20 Retro Color) smacked on top of them. This usually gives it that extra 'roughness' that makes Boom Bap Beats sound so distinct.
Besides Pianos, I quickly noticed that the Guitar, an instrument that experienced a renaissance over the last few years, is still in the game. 2 of the Beats featured a Guitar melody as their main instrument, while 2 others had Guitars playing in the background, providing a nice, yet subtle contrast to the main melody.
What the 808 is for Trap beats, bass lines are for Boom Bap. Almost all of the Beats had a very distinctive Bass line, ranging from aggressive half-steps that create tension to funky bass lines that were all over the place and had a live of their own. Just like with Trap Beats, a good rule of thumb is: If your melody is catchy and has a lot of range, make the bass go with the root notes. If your melody is simple, make the bass line a little bit more unique to give the track some spice.
Music Theory
In my last post, the topic of music theory came a little bit short. This was mainly due to 2 reasons; one being that I didn't think people would have been that interested in the theory behind the music – and secondly because I'm not that great of an expert when it comes to music theory. However, because some people asked for the theory side of the Beats either in the comments or via my DM's, I decided to pay it a little more attention this time.
In general, Boom Bap can go multiple directions when it comes to music theory. This is largely owed to the fact that many tracks made in that genre are made by sampling other songs, specifically Jazz, Soul, Funk and Blues music. Most of the tracks in the Top 10 Boom Bap Beats go more into the Jazz direction. For those that don't know that much about Music theory, this usually means 7th Chords and borrowed notes. If you don't know what any of that means, I highly recommend you search this sub-reddit, as there are so many awesome posts on that topic that helped me tremendously with learning music theory.
I wish I could tell you what key those Beats were in, however I'm not that confident to tell you what scale they use. Only 3 of the Beats had their key in the description, so here they are: E minor, D minor, F major. Take that information and use it in whatever way you want.
Closing Words
If you have read this far, first off, I want to thank you. The positive feedback I received on my last post was overwhelming and motivated me to do stuff like this in the future!
So, what are my key take-aways from analyzing the Top 10 best-selling Boom Bap Beats? Keep your drums simple and make the melodies the main focus. Use a lot of jazzy chord progressions, play around with stacking melodies and run that b*tch through some RC-20!
There really is no magic to this. If your beat is simple and sounds good, there is no reason to force something and add more instruments just for the sake of it. Some of the beats in the Top 10 featured no more than 8 sounds - drums included!
Do you guys have any suggestions for the next topic I should research? With Boom Bap and Trap out of the way, there are a few possibilities for future disections: West Coast, Grime, East Coast, Club... there are still a lot more sub-genres to be explored! If you guys have any wishes, let me know and I'll consider it for my next breakdown!
On another note, a quick (shameless) personal plug: Starting at the end of this month, I will start doing video versions of these breakdowns (as well as other topics) and post them to my YouTube channel. When the time has come and I have uploaded my first video there, I will share it with the Subreddit (if that doesn't violate the rules, that is). I will still continue to post here and so that I have a written version and a video version.
Again, thank you guys for reading, and have an awesome day! Keep creating 🤙
submitted by coraxbeatz to makinghiphop

Need some help with various topics (pluginboutique, FL studio, windows 10, Excalibur).

Good evening. I'm slowly returning to music production after a 7 year hiatus, so I'm very out of the loop on many subjects, I'll go straight into the questions:
1.-I'm new to the plugin boutique, I received an e-mail from them with many codes to redeem before may 3rd I think? I was wondering, how do I redeem these codes? I looked up online and only found about redeeming coupons for purchases, but no idea how to redeem these codes for plugins and samples.
2.-I downloaded some demo from the plugin boutique for Soundspot's Union, but I'm also new to windows 10 and got this windows Smartscreen message:
"Windows protected your pc
Microsoft defender smartscreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your pc at risk.
App: Union - PC 1.0.3.exe
Publisher: Jochem de Jong - Music & multimedia"
So, did I stumble upon a hoax? or is this a false positive?
3.-I downloaded a demo and then bought Excalibur, my problem is: it seems like if I open a 2nd instance of Excalibur, select some preset and save my project, next time I open my project it doesn't load the 2nd instance's presets and returns it to default. Is it doing this because it's somehow still running the trial version even when I already disabled it on iLok and enabled the paid one?
4.-Is there any way for me to load a blank Excalibur preset to do my own and then save my own presets?
5.-I got FL studio producer edition, I just realized there's a lot of free content to be downloaded for free from IL's website, is there any content a "must have" that I could be overlooking here?
6.-I want to buy this next: https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/81-Bundle/89-Complete-Collection/6319-Titan-Bundle , does it comes on VST format? or it's AAX-only? the description only says this: " Windows 7 or higher (32 / 64 bit) Mac OSX 10.11 or higher (32 / 64 bit) AAX - ProTools 11 or higher "
I would also appreciate all additional advice and tips you guys got to give.
Thanks in advance! Have a great day ahead of you!
submitted by Noc3 to musicproduction

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